Thursday, March 18, 2010

Small Successes


Well, this is the first edition of small successes that I have participated in, though I love reading them...does participating count as a small success?

I went to confession last night. Sadly, it has been since Advent, even though I keep telling myself that I should get to confession more regularly. I even talked with hubby about planning ahead and taking one Saturday a month where we leave extra early for Mass and go to confession, then take the girls to the park until Mass starts.

I organized some of our homeschooling stuff. I cleaned out Charlotte's tot school container so that all the file folder and tot book pieces were in the right place, and even added in a folder of preschool worksheets that were leftover from Eva's preschool days. I also FINALLY got around to making folders for the months of the year and liturgical seasons. So, the Advent coloring page that I have had lying around for more than two Advents without actually finding (during seems to pop up most often during Lent) is in the Advent folder, and the instructions for making star-shaped faux sparklers is filed under July, and the Turkey craft that I had printed for both girls to do at Thanksgiving that we didn't get to because of the move is filed under November. I even got hubby to find an old file folder box to put it in (that still had craft supplies from a bridal shower I hosted about 7 or 8 years ago...oops!)

I bathed the girls...I know, not a major accomplishment to normal people...but I don't really like giving them baths (probably because of Charlotte's ear-drum piercing scream when I wash her hair) and although we were pretty consistently good about baths twice a week when we lived in our old town (before farming...when hubby was home every evening and usually gave them their baths...and we had a decent shower we could throw them in if necessary) but in our new house, it has been a major struggle to get them bathed twice a week, and I am sure we have had a week or two where they only got 1 bath. I don't like bath time so much that I often suggest that grandma give them their baths when they are at her house.

Those are my small successes for this week...there are plenty more over at Faith and Family Live!


Danielle M. said...

#3 - I am so relieved to read this. My older 2 shower or bathe themselves every other day (they actually go out into the world every day), but I just about get the 2 little guys in a bath 2xs a week. I just really don't like it (plus I have a bad back so it hurts). The sad part for me is they both love it, they just never want to come out and it becomes a battle every time. If we go swimming during the week (really physical therapy for me), I count the shower after as their bath...

Farmer's City Wife said...

#2 could qualify as all 3 successes :-D. That's awesome!

Yay for Confession :).

Great week!!