Friday, March 05, 2010

Quick Takes Friday - naptime edition

It's been a little bit of a long week...Saturday afternoon, hubby and I left for Denver to see the Symphony. We had a great time, had a nice dinner beforehand, had pretty good seats where we could see the pianist during the Horn trio, and then I got a nice hotel room off of priceline. In the morning, we went to Holy Ghost parish for their 7:00am Mass, then had breakfast and headed home. MIL and SIL headed up to the nearest medium sized town for some shopping, so we met them for lunch, MIL and hubby took the girls home, and SIL and I went shopping...there went another almost $500 to Home Depot...the joys of moving!

Sunday night we had the Altar and Rosary ladies annual fundraiser "Family Fun Night" with a supper prepared by the Knights of Columbus, bingo, kids games and several raffles. The girls had a great time with the kids games...Charlotte loved to go to the "grocery store" (that poor kid thinks that any store is a grocery store!) which was a table full of little Oriental Trading Company toys and candy that they could trade in their tickets for merchandise. My girls earned so many tickets, and got a ton of little stuff. Charlotte's favorite is a pink and silver princess tiara, which we have hardly gotten off her head at all. Eva liked all the games, except for Plinko, where you had to climb a ladder on the back (she smudged her face painting coming down, and refused to play the game again.) Charlotte, on the other had, was the Plinko queen...I'm expecting to see her on the Price is Right someday. Of course, the girls kept being given tickets to play games by all their aunts and uncles, etc.

The adults played some Bingo, and the girls got family members to win them the toys they liked on the Bingo prize table. I ended up getting them a Disney princess Easter egg decorating kit when I got a Bingo prize. Then, FIL won a beautiful quilt that was handmade for the fit our King sized bed really well, so we ended up with it...we all had a great time.

Monday we started school again, which Eva and Charlotte were very excited about. We are mostly doing review at this point...until we are a little more settled.

Tuesday we did more school, then headed over to SIL's new house and helped her paint in her basement (okay, the girl's played "Aunt T's" Wii instead...) then had pizza as the whole clan and worked on removing a wall paper border (I was also working on removing one at home on Tuesday and Wednesday.)

The aunt and uncle that used to live in our house came out to start cleaning their stuff out of our fruit room...they got it about half done...of course, after the fruit room, they have a storage area in our garage, a room full of stuff they want to sell at a garage sale, and a bunch of stuff in our shop...we'll see how many months it takes before they get it all cleaned out!

Yesterday was another major painting day at our house. I spent all morning cleaning stuff out of the kitchen area, then taping off doorways and baseboards. In the afternoon, MIL came over and helped me with my main wall paper, a warm tan color (called Soft Chamois...paint colors have really stupid names...) It took all afternoon, then hubby got home from work, helped me put on a second coat, and then the two of us went up to Home Depot ( takes a little over an hour to drive up there) to get more lights for the kitchen. Hubby has taken down and replaced one florescent light box so far, and there are three more in our kitchen area that he'll be replacing this weekend. So, today I have been removing paint and doing school with the girls. I need to get more stuff put back, but then again, we have the ceiling to paint (hopefully Sunday) and then after that is done, I have an accent wall in the eat in kitchen area, and it will also be carried over above the cabinetry in the kitchen. I am hoping to have all that done before next Thursday, when I am hosting my Bible study at our house.

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