Monday, April 23, 2007

I am alive!!!

Okay, so I really dropped the ball back in October of 2006...but 6 months later, I'm back! (There's a really good reason I didn't e-mail everyone I know with my blog address...but I think maybe I will to keep myself on top of posting!)

Charlotte was born November 11th with a scheduled c-section, thanks once again to breech positioning. She is a very sweet mama's girl now, and at five months is rolling all over and grabbing everything within reach. Mostly she drools on things she finds, or talks to them. Every night when we are trying to go to sleep, she sings an ode to her pacifier, as far as I can tell.

Eva is still as goofy as ever, and is a great big sister. She likes to help out when I need her (at least most of the time) and pretty much always wants to help me when I DON'T need help.

So, I am back, and I will actually go and e-mail some friends and family to let them know that I have a blog, in hopes that THAT will make me write in it!

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