Friday, October 20, 2006

Okay, I am officially a slacker...

Can't say I haven't blogged because nothing has been going on...that would be a lie...

I'm just tired and grumpy and huge and uncomfortable, and it is so much more theraputic to whine about it to hubby rather than blog about it!

So, I guess the big update is that at my 34 week appointment, my OB really thought that he felt a baby butt at the top of my uterus...but I asked him to take a look anyway, and sure enough...BABY IS BREECH!!!! Just my rotten luck! But, I had a feeling this kid was too. Also, no shot of genitals (in fact, the OB couldn't even get a femur measurement, but did irritate my scar from Eva!)

So, the plan is this...

No external version because OB doesn't suggest "mashing on the uterus" with a c-section scar.

Will try the webster chiropractic technique (of course, when I called today to make an appointment, turns out the chiropractor doesn't work on Fridays!)

Can't go up next week for that because we close on the house on Thursday

Won't go up at the beginning of the next week because I want to spend Halloween with Eva.

So, hopefully it will be November 1st for the first chiropractic technique, then again on the 2nd. Apparently, not on the 3rd, as the chiropractor doesn't work then!

Then, on the 3rd, I will have another appointment with OB, and we'll see what position Charlie is in.

Then, I guess I'll just spend the weekend up there, maybe meet with my doula. The next week, I may try up to three more treatments with the Webster technique. Then, at my 37 week appointment, I figure we will have one more ultrasound to confirm positioning.

If Charlie is still breech at that point, it will be scheduled c-section the next week (assuming I make it that far!)

I'm kind of wondering if I am just destined to have breech babies. My OB asked if my doc had mentioned me having a uterine abnormality...apparently, my OB standardly checks the uterus for certain abnormalities when he delivers a breech baby. I told him that I doubted anyone thought of it with as many things that went wrong with Eva's delivery!

So, I am not sure at all what is going to happen. The good news is, the chiropractic care will only have $15 per treatment copay, plus we will have to pay 10% (not as nice as the no copay no coinsurance on maternity services!). Also, we found out about length of stay. 48 hours with a vaginal delivery, or 96 hours for a c-section. So, at least if I have surgery, I'll have a lot of help for the first 4 days.

So, that's where I am...slightly disappointed, but at least there seems to be an end in sight (particularly if Charlie doesn't flip over!)

For the next week and a half, I'm going to try all the old wives tales...frozen peas on baby's head, handstands in the pool, pelvic tilts, etc.

Wish me luck!!!

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