Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It is 5:30 am...

...and I have been awake for a half hour...

This is NOT a good thing...however, I guess since I have a doc appointment in Denver, it is a "good thing" that I am up and getting ready to go. The exciting part is that hubby was able to get the day off work, so he gets to come with me to meet the "other doc", and then we are going to tour the hospital, at some point stop by my parents house to pick up a few things, and pick my SIL up at the airport (she's flying in for a week long visit between semesters, or whatever they are at her college...)

Now, if you think I am unhappy at the prospect of being up at 5:30...Just wait until we have to wake Eva up!!!! She's about as much of a morning person as me!!!

Here's hoping Charlie inherits that trait as well!

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