Sunday, April 29, 2007

A toddler with a step stool is just NOT a good idea!

Okay, so we've always had a step ladder in our house. It currently resides in the laundry room, and we drag it out when we need to reach something high up. We acquired a step stool when I got home from the hospital because I couldn't get up into our bed (normal sized box spring with a pillowtop mattress.) It is a $10 rubbermaid one, and it is Eva's best friend...ninety five times a day she asks "Where's my step stool?" It is a great aid for getting into trouble. Here is today's example...

I was lying down with Charlotte trying to get her to nap after our 5 hour church marathon/lunch/shopping trip (more on that later!) when I noticed a buzzing sound. When Charlie fell asleep, I went investigating. Due to my severe "Harry Potter" addiction, I have all 6 books on tape (I'm thinking about upgrading to CDs sometime soon...) and I listen to them virtually every night while falling asleep. My stereo is on top of a lingere chest (about 4 1/2 ft tall, I'd bet) and the rewind button was pressed in and buzzing. Where was the step stool? Right in front of the chest! Go figure, my little toddler was probably trying to "listen to music?" which she asks to do everytime we go into my bedroom throughout the day.

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