Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Book recommendation

So, yesterday I got a book in the mail (through Paperback Swap, see my links) and spent yesterday afternoon reading it and doing a lot of crying. Then, after work, hubby started reading it (and doing a lot of crying as well) and he stayed up until after midnight (a huge feat considering the kids and his work schedule...that and the fact that we are getting old and tired) to finish it. The book was "Letters to Gabriel" by Karen Garver Santorum.

Basically, it was letters she wrote to her baby while pregnant. I highly recommend reading it. I won't go into all the details, but she ended up delivering Gabriel Michael prematurely at 20 weeks. He lived two hours. It has a wonderful prolife message in it, and is the story of a mother and her baby.

I was just amazed and related to it as a mother. Not a book I'd want to read while pregnant, though...I really don't cry that much normally, but pregnancy makes me weep over cereal commercials!

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