Friday, April 27, 2007

Another TMI post...

So, I complained about pants about a year ago, so now I will move on to another of my clothing nemesis (and I have many!) and that is BRAS! Now, I know that not all plus-sized women are big chested, but I have the pleasure of being both fat and busty. So busty in fact that I have difficulty wearing all sorts of cute styles of clothing. Empire waists always fall mid chest for me, for instance. So, obviously I dread buying bras!

Recently, we went up to Denver to visit my parents. By a happy coincidence, I had gotten an ad from Lane Bryant (for those of you skinny people, it's a plus sized clothing chain) that they had their brand of bras on sale, buy one get one for $9.99. With this ad was a coupon for $15 off a purchase of $15 or more. So, while we were up, we left the kiddos with my mom and dad and did a little bit of shopping.

It was a fairly tolerable bra shopping experience, thanks in large part to getting a bossy black woman to help me! (There just tends to be a difference between a bossy black woman and a bossy white woman...since I am the latter, I know how I can be bossy!) You see, I had the right size in mind (46DDD, yes, that is 3Ds), but I honestly haven't worn an underwire bra since the beginning of college. This nice (but bossy) lady told me I needed an underwire, gave me a bra to try on, fixed the straps, told me to put on my shirt and look at it in the mirror. Honestly, it made a huge difference in looks.

Being a comfort person, however, I don't mind being saggy and comfortable. However, when hubby said it looked MUCH better, I figured I'd suck it up and go with an underwire. I asked the lady if there were any other styles of underwires that might work for me. She flat out told me that the style I tried on was the only style she would recommend for my figure. So, I bought two for the price of one after the sale and coupon, and got out of the store in under 20 minutes. What more could I ask for when bra shopping?

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Anonymous said...

I can relate, and swear I know that lady, only she proceded to tell me that I was a size 38 H....did you hear me? "H" and "We don't carry that size in the store,but I can order you one"...hello! I don't think so! :) I have opted to wear almost every day my Enell Sports Bra...I have too small (for when I slim down) one just right (for working out in) and one that is just a tad too big (for comfort). I recently found them on ebay as well (irregular ones) for 1/2 the price. (this is my site, though NOT up to date at all) of them. Good luck to you, and don't let the bossy ones get you down! :)