Saturday, August 05, 2006

Doctors appointments and class reunions...

Okay, have I mentioned lately that pregnancy sucks???

I have been up since 4 am (VERY early for a non-morning person!) when Eva decided she needed a drink. She went back to sleep...hubby went back to sleep...I desperately wanted to get back to sleep...

I guess that Eva will get to watch some Saturday morning cartoons while I nap on the couch (I'm sure to be sleepy by the time she wakes up!) since hubby has to work the long shift today.

After hubby gets off work, we get to head up to his hometown so I can get to a baby shower for his cousin and her new baby girl followed by hubby's class reunion dinner. (Sadly, we have to miss golf at 9 am because of work, and we'll also miss the family picnic at 11am.)

So, I am at 23 and 6 today...yesterday I called to make a doctor's appointment for next week here in town. Sadly, my doc was headed on vacation today, and would be gone for almost two weeks (Rumor around town is that they are going to the Caribbean...) but they had an appointment available at 12:30! So, I took the appointment so that I could get the order for my glucose tolerance test (since the OBs office freaked out when I said I hadn't done it until about 27 weeks with Eva) and get it taken care of next week.
Hubby was supposed to go back to work at 12:30, but his boss told him it was no problem for him to wait until I was done with my appointment. So, since Eva usually naps around 12:30ish, she stayed home with her dad while I went to the doctor.
All is fine with Charlie...good heartbeat, and apparently I am measuring "right on" (which must have taken some serious fat women my size tend to measure big...) Still trying to work out/figure out when I will see who for the remainder of this pregnancy. If all goes well with my glucose test, I'll be up in Denver in a month, and back down here in six weeks.
I've gained about 17 lbs so not great, but not terrible either (since I gained over 60 with Eva, I'm really hoping to gain far less with Charlie) but since I am not supposed to gain more than 25 lbs, that means I have 8 lbs of wiggle room in the next 13 to 18 not much room there for gaining. I really need to get back on track for exercise. Two things have really seriously contributed to my not exercising. One, I broke my little toe about 2 months is better now, of course, but it did keep me from exercising for about a month. Two, my very sweet parents gave us money to put in central air for my birthday...and that pretty much ended any ambition to leave the house and head to the rec center to walk on the track with the big fans blowing...
In discussing my OB, my doc here asked about the location. When I told him it was in Cherry Creek (read, ritzy part of Denver, if you aren't a Coloradan!) he teased me about driving my Mercedes there, then asked if we had taken Eva to the Cherry Creek Mall. They have a terrific play area there that is all breakfast foods. So kids get to jump around on bacon and waffles and cereal and sliced bananas, etc. Of course, during my longest appointment, my MIL and mother took Eva over there to play, which she loved. She pounded on the other kids, etc. Well, then my doc told me that a couple of years ago, his daughter was the first confirmed case of influenza in our area. Apparently, they had been at another Denver area mall with a play area with dinosaurs. He came around the corner to see her LICKING the dinosaur...then she came down with the flu. Lesson your children closely during flu season, and keep them from licking the mall play equipment! (I can just see Eva doing it, too!)
So, all is well with "Charlie baby" (as Eva likes to say!) and all is well with me for now...of course, come Monday when I have to take my glucose tolerance test, I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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