Wednesday, July 19, 2006

7 years ago today...

My fiancee was house-sitting for his a flat tire...found out that his spare was flat...had to call in to work at McDonald's and let them know that he wasn't going to make it in...I missed my 7:00 am economics class, and we decided to make the day better by getting married!

We went to work (once the tire situation was taken care of) moving as much of my stuff out of my parent's house as we could (just in case they took the news very badly...) Went to the DMV to get a marriage license (after we got the paperwork in, my dear hick of a husband asked if we just went in back to get married...) went to the courthouse to find out when we could get married. We tried to call some friends to find witnesses, changed into nicer clothes, bought a disposable camera, and had dinner at McDonald's (what can I say? They had one of the Monopoly games going at the time! Plus, it was in our budget!)

We arrived at the courthouse right after the workday was over, and headed up to the judge. The two clerks served as our witnesses (and one of them even was willing to be our photographer!) and we were legally joined as man and wife. (Now, about six months later we had our marriage blessed by the church)
My parents took it better than in laws were fine with it...and I spent that night at my parent's home with my dad, as hubby still had to house sit for one more night!
I love you, sweetie!!!

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I love you too!!!