Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Doctor's Appointment...

Okay, first of all, I would just like to say that I am hot and I don't feel good, and I am feeling rather miserable!!!

That being said, I thought I should at least do an update on my last doctors appointment (which was a week ago, today!)

Eva and I stayed the night at my in-laws last monday so that my MIL wouldn't have to drive through construction to pick me up AND drive through construction to get up to Denver (go figure, out of four roads out of our town, two of them are currently under construction...the one between here and the in laws, and the one that is the route to Denver with bathrooms rather than fields in an emergency...) Of course, we still managed to get a later start than anticipated, so I had to call the doula I was interviewing to let her know that we would be about 30 minutes late.
Got to the Barnes & Noble with Starbucks that I was meeting her at, but sadly, since we were rushed for time, I got to look at no books and drink no starbucks...What a bummer!
So, I talked to the doula and she seems really good, so I went ahead and hired her, I guess! I mean, we'll sign the contract at my first prenatal visit, which is up in the air until I have a firmer idea of when I will next be up in Denver for a doctor's appointment! She is a hypnobabies instructor, and is working on getting certified as a Bradley instructor, so that is good news. She also is anti-lamaze breathing...and since I hated the lamaze-type breathing we were instructed in (but never got to use) with Eva, I am much more into the relaxation/natural breathing concept. I guess that I'll just write more after my first prenatal visit with her, when we determine what I think I would like to try!
So, got to the doctor's office and had the ultrasound with the nurse practitioner...everything looks good. She kept raving about what a great picture of the heart she was getting (with Eva, I almost got sent to a fetal heart specialist for no reason...) and Charlie is measuring right on! Eva was very excited to see the screen (not so excited to be in a doctor's office!) and when the ultrasound was over, she kept saying "more baby!!! More baby!!!!"
The nurse practitioner kept TRYING to find out Charlie's gender...but I guess I'm having another modest kiddo! Feet were right in front of the genitals, and she couldn't see anything from a back view, so she said that if she had to guess, she would guess it is another girl...but as she didn't see ANYTHING, it would just be a guess!
I didn't even ask her to try to find out...I guess it must be standard, unless you state at the beginning "don't tell me!!!"
As for how my prenatal care is going to work from here, it will be every other visit. So, at 24 weeks, I go here, and am supposed to get my glucose tolerance test. If I pass the one hour screening (which I am doubting I will, but I guess it could happen!) I will go to Denver for 28 weeks, here for 30, there for 32, here for 34, and there for 36. Since my doc down here thinks that I should be living in Denver starting at 36 weeks, he probably will not want to see me down here past 36, so all subsequent appointments would be in Denver...
Of course, if I flunk the one hour test, I am wanted up in Denver ASAP for the 3 hour screening. And if I fail the 3 hour, I'll have to go up to meet with a diabetic counselor! So, I am HOPING that in that case, I'll be able to do several appointments down here before 36 weeks...but who knows how this is going to work!!!
Next appointment in Denver is set at 28 weeks with the other doctor in the practice, so that I get a chance to meet him sometime before I go into labor!!!
So, there was my fun appointment...as one of my math teachers always liked to say "clear as mud, isn't it?"

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