Friday, August 27, 2010

Quick Takes Friday

Eva has started a countdown to her birthday (or more importantly, her birthday party, which will be this Sunday) and I am in complete denial that my baby girl is turning SIX! She also had her loose tooth pulled by the dentist this week (since the adult tooth had broken through behind it). I am not ready for her to grow up so fast...there's something about loosing baby teeth that just makes me wonder how she got so big so fast.

I have to admit that I've started a countdown of sorts until Charlotte's 4th birthday...not because I am anxious for her to grow up (although if her birthday reduced the amount of whining, I wouldn't complain!) but I AM anxious to move her to a booster seat and put away carseats. Moving from car to car will be so much easier when I tell the girls to grab their booster seats and get in another car. Moving a carseat sucks...

Our exchange student has a date tonight (okay, I think that the boy called it "hanging out", but the hanging out will be at the movie theatre in town, so being old fashioned I call it a date. Actually, I am kinda wondering if "hanging out" involves the guy expecting the girl to pay her own way...Since I haven't ever "hung out", and haven't been on a "date" in more than 11 years (not that hubby and I don't go on dates...but it really doesn't matter who pays for the date because it all comes out of the same paycheck!) I feel a little out of touch. I thought it was hilarious...I didn't see the exchange student all day yesterday (she gets on the bus around 7 am, stayed in town for sports practice and a club meeting, and was picked up after I went to Bible Study), so when I got home at close to 11 pm, she came to talk to me to get permission for her date. Well, I told her it was fine, worked out the details (call when you are ready to be picked up...he's going to meet her after sports at the movie theatre okay, movie at his way!) So, after she went down to bed, hubby told me that he had already given her permission to go...but she wanted MY permission.

I really should be doing a major cleaning of the house today, but I'm feeling kind of yucky (darn public school germs!) Tomorrow I have an 8 hour training meeting for Girl Scout leaders, and it is in a town almost 2 hours away...then Sunday is Eva's birthday party at our house...then the usual weekly stuff...and then MIL and I are taking the exchange students and my girls to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore over the holiday weekend. I'm excited about the cabin we rented, and it should be fun. I wish hubby could come, but I think they will start cutting silage about then (silage is wet corn cut, stalks and all, that is fermented and fed to the cows, for those of you who aren't rural dwellers.)

I put in my first interlibrary loan request at the library in town. I asked for 8 books for Charlotte's first week of preschool...I didn't mention to the librarian that it was 1 weeks worth of stuff yet. I was amazed at how nice the librarian here has been about interlibrary our old town, I requested one book through interlibrary loan during the four years we lived there, and I got a huge lecture from the head of the library about how much interlibrary loan costs...all I asked for was a book about VBACs, which the local library didn't have...with the lecture I got, you would've thought they spend hundreds of dollars on postage for that one book.

I think we may have oversocialized one of our cats. Twinkle is still a little afraid of people (other than hubby), but Tigger starts meowing, purring, and winding around your ankles as soon as you step outside as long as he is out of the shop. We are still keeping the cats in there at night until they are big enough to defend themselves. When I took Bubba to the vet for his yearly checkup and shots, I got distemper shots for the cats, and hubby got to give them the shots. They are still a little too young to get fixed, so they will get rabies shots when we take them in for their surgeries.

SIL laughed at me the other day...I was planning Eva's birthday party on the way to the dentist, and asked Eva what she would like to have to eat at her party, and she replied with "steak and strawberries". I told her that we could do steak, but I wasn't sure about the strawberries, because it isn't really strawberry season anymore, so they might be expensive or more difficult to find...then we determined that strawberry flavored cake was okay. SIL laughed at the fact that I told Eva that steak was fine but strawberries were too expensive, when the rest of the world would probably say the exact opposite. I pointed out that I have a couple different cows' worth of meat in my freezer, including plenty of steak...but yeah, I'll admit that it's weird.

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