Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

Well, Christine at Christine's Contemplations nominated me for this award, so I am just now getting around to posting this (it's been a busy couple of days!)

So being nominated, I must do the following:

Thank the person who nominated me.

Thank you Christine for the nomination. Christine and I were very close friends in high school, being a big chunk of the female low brass contingent. She even lived with me and my mom one summer, and we worked together as waitresses at a restaurant, where she broke more plates than I did, but also probably made better tips, since she has always been extremely friendly and outgoing.

Christine is now a mom and a step-mom...and not the wicked kind, either ;)

She has an adorable 1 year old daughter and one on the way, and actually looks cute while pregnant (I'm just a LITTLE jealous of that!)

I must post 7 things about myself:

Not that I don't do that already, pretty much weekly, but I'll try to stick to just me rather than my hubby and kids...

1- I love to read...not in the normal I like to pick up a novel and read when I have spare time. More like, I feel compelled to read everything that I see (I used to even read the really long user agreements for computer that I have very hyper kids, I just skim them like a normal person).

2- I am left-handed, which means that hubby thinks I do things the "left-handed" way, which I like to refer to as the "correct" way...since his dad and his brother are also lefties, I think that he just needs to learn to be normal, like us.

3- I am very bad at math, unless you can turn a problem into something with dollar signs. I guess I just need the problems to be applicable to my life, and money works as a good motivator. I also don't seem to understand math problems in the same way as my right handed daughter, so I am hoping to learn a lot using Math-U-See with Eva this year.

4- I really wish I had some impressive talent...maybe being a great writer, or a great seamstress, or a great knitter, or a great scrapbooker...but basically, I am a jack of all trades, master of none.

5- I have been blogging for a little more than 4 years, and I think that I have about 4 readers who are not related to me...and maybe another 4 readers that are related. I have to admit, my blog is mostly a dumping ground for my random thoughts, so it's not really surprising.

6- I am a planner...I married into a farm family...this is not a good combination. However, I have managed to come to terms with never being able to plan an event in advance in the last 11 years. My mother, however, has not really come to terms with that yet. She asked me again today (for at least the 3rd or 4th time) if I had come up with a plan for Eva's birthday, and I had to tell her no...I mean, her birthday is still 8 days away! Am I really supposed to have a plan already? On the other hand, for things that don't involve my hubby or in-laws, I plan WAY too much (probably just to get the planning out of my system.) In my google documents right now, I have the following planning lists: Little Saints preschool list, preschool syllabus, physical education, science syllabus, 1st grade homeschooling stuff for Eva, History Syllabus, 1st grade Syllabus...not to mention shopping lists, lists I am currently done with, and completely miscellaneous lists.

7- I'm an extrovert who would usually rather stay home. I do get energized being around people, but I am also a little bit shy, so don't really like going out into groups of people. I think maybe that just makes me weird...but I guess it is one of very many reasons.

I must nominate 5 other bloggers:

If I only knew 5 other bloggers...

But I definitely would like to nominate the other Christine over at Good Company.

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