Friday, August 20, 2010

Quick Takes Friday

Our exchange student started school yesterday, and seemed a little unimpressed. I guess several of the kids in her math class were mean to her, one of her classes doesn't start until next Wednesday, and another class she only has one other student and the teacher in the classroom with her (the other students are participating by TV from other area high schools.

In the "I forgot to mention it last week in Quick Takes" department (probably because it was something I put all over Facebook), we have a second bottle calf. FIL took the exchange students to a livestock auction, and bought a bottle calf ("It looked like a good deal for a good calf" is his explanation, but I am suspicious that it really was so that both girls could have a calf...) for us. Hubby thought his dad said it was a "he", so originally the calf got named Duke-Duke (from Veggie Tales Duke and the Pie War), but then BIL checked when he dropped it off at our house, and it is a girl (which is apparently what FIL said to hubby, but it got all confused) so, her name is now Daisy we've got Flower and Daisy now, and are going through a 50 lb bag of milk replacer (I like to call it calf formula) in about 2 weeks now. Good thing I can just charge it to FIL at the feed store!

Since our Austrian exchange student has never seen (and never heard of before coming here) The Sound of Music we have the DVD from netflix and we plan to watch it tonight with the kids...she also took the soundtrack tape that hubby found (yes, I apparently still have a cassette tape soundtrack to The Sound of Music) and listened to it last night while she worked on homework. I think she was relieved that it wasn't terrible. She said she liked "My Favorite Things" and "16 going on 17".

Update on Eva's week later, and it still hasn't fallen out...but we can see the tooth starting to come in behind, how long does it normally take for a tooth to fall out, and at what point does she need a tooth pulled? I know that I had to have 4 baby teeth pulled by my dentist, and BIL had a couple that had to be pulled any advice on what to do?

Charlotte, after getting her hair cut professionally, decided that she wanted it shorter, so she found some scissors at grandma's house, and took matters into her own hands. So, I had to take her to hubby's Aunt, who was able to help out by repairing MOST of the damage (though the self cut bangs are going to need some time to grow here are some before and after pictures.

The girls have been driving me crazy at bedtime again recently. Two nights ago, when hubby went in to tell the girls to knock it off and go to sleep, he opened the door to find them STANDING ON THEIR DRESSER...I still don't know why. Last night, however, I had a great success. The girls were thrashing around, kicking the walls, running around their room, talking and fighting, so when I went in (after hubby gave a warning) Eva was out of bed, so I took her out of the room, gave her a spanking and put her in the corner with the instruction that she was not to move or talk. I set the kitchen timer for 10 minutes. About 2 minutes into this punishment, Charlotte freaked out, started sobbing saying "I need Eva!!!", I gave her a spanking as well (for coming out of her room twice in the first two minutes, tucked her into bed, told her to stop and go to sleep, and that she could go to sleep without Eva. I pointed out that they weren't sleeping and they were both in trouble, and told her if she kept up with the crying and fussing, I would ban trips to Grandma's house for the weekend. She settled down, Eva (who was crying quietly in the corner) got done with her 10 minutes. I gave her a kiss and a hug, told her she needed to go to sleep, and both girls did! We didn't have to do any more reminders, yelling or punishments. There were a couple of minutes of whispering when Eva went back to bed, but they went to sleep! Yeah!

I have been working a lot on getting Charlotte's preschool stuff ready to go. Yesterday, I went over to MILs house, and made a bunch of copies (probably around 200 from the pattern packet for Little Saints Preschool Program), MIL didn't realize that she had already used her spare black toner cartridge, and I used it up without realizing it (I mean, don't copiers usually say "toner low" at all times?) Well, her printer/fax/copier is too smart to trick. We tried putting in a cyan cartridge to get a fax to print (because FIL was very upset about not being able to get his fax) but the smart for us printer KNEW it wasn't a black cartridge and wouldn't print. So, MIL had to drive up to the nearest big town (an hour drive) to get a new one...never mind that I am taking the exchange students up there tomorrow to do some school shopping...there is NO WAY to get a fax to print on a color cartridge if you run out of black toner. Of course, it will let a color item print in black and white if a color cartridge is out. When I confessed to hubby about just how many copies I had made (I figured while I was making copies, I might as well make all that I could!) he told me that I should have gone to get the cartridge instead...I would've volunteered, but both girls really needed some rest time.

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