Friday, January 29, 2010

Quick Takes Friday

Well, the pantry challenge pretty much died this week. On Sunday MIL called when she was done taking communion to the sick to see if we needed anything, and I listed off several items (almost all dairy, but fresh fruits and veggies, too) and she came back with at least a dozen canned we've still been trying to use up some pantry stuff, but I gave up on the hard core pantry challenge.

It has been a busy week! Monday Eva had her piano lesson, Tuesday we went to the city with MIL so that she could get her infusion for her MS, Wednesday hubby and I went into town for the blood drive and then Eva and MIL had religious ed classes, Thursday MIL went to the city with her dad to get her car fixed and he had an eye appointment and then I had bible study in the evening. Today FIL is going to be watching a video auction in just a couple of hours, so the girls and I (and maybe MIL) are going to head into town to run errands, then stop by and visit hubby's cousin Brittney, who turned 21 this week. We are so lucky to still have Brittney with us.

Among the reasons this week was crazy, my little BIL (okay, well little is relative, I guess I should stop referring to him that way now that he's in his 20s and married...I still sometimes think of him as the dorky twelve year old in our wedding!) was the first to go to the ER since the new business began (this all happened on Tuesday). Hubby and BIL were riding in the bucket of the loader to take tires off the silage pile, and FIL was running the loader. When they came down, BIL got his finger caught between two of the moving parts. He was very lucky. When hubby was driving him into the hospital, he was pretty worried that BIL would lose his finger. It was cut very deeply on both sides through insulated gloves, and everyone thought it was broken. Good news is that no broken bones or tendon damage...just muscle and skin damage. So, he has stitches in his finger, and has been taping sandwich bags over his fingers to keep them clean(er) since they have been spreading manure on fields recently.

I finally got around to updating the blogs on my sidebar. I came across a new one this morning that I wanted to add, so I changed names where necessary, and deleted a couple of blogs that don't post very often anymore.

We are still really looking forward to moving into our own space. To the best of my knowledge, the plan is still for the aunt and uncle in the house to do their major move on February 6th. I've been looking through design books, and picking out curtains. I had a great time at a home improvement store looking at all the fun home improvement and decorating items. I just really need more info before I can buy anything.

Hubby got his first farm paycheck yesterday, so I get to take it into the bank today. It was .40 more than anticipated, so he's only been farming for a month and already got a raise. I think that works out to one one-hundredth of a cent per hour, or something like that.

I am so ready to get our taxes done, but I am STILL waiting on hubby's W-2 form from his old job...I am hoping it will be in our PO Box today, but the whole forwarding mail thing isn't working out too well yet...and to think, we'll get to forward it all again in the next couple of months. Maybe I'll just try to change our address on everything while we have the PO Box paid up (5 more months) to avoid some of the forwarding headache.

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Whimsy said...

I find #7 ironic.

Feb 6 is around the corner! How exciting!

I'm really happy for you guys.

Christine said...

Yeah, #7 is ironic.

majellamom said...

Well, I got his w-2 in the mail today. It clearly stated under his address "ATTENTION POSTMASTER DO NOT FORWARD" right next to the yellow forwarding mail from the machines in Denver...

Whimsy said...

It helps to have friends in low places!