Friday, January 08, 2010

Quick Takes Friday

Hubby has been farming officially for a full week now (yeah!) which means that we've been living with his parents for over a week (and still doing okay so far) and that he has been FREEZING, I think. It got down to 8 below last night, and that doesn't count windchill. I'm glad that I get to stay inside.

We have a closing date on our old house. Tuesday at 4 PM. We also have a moving date for the last of our stuff...Monday morning. MIL, I and the girls went down yesterday afternoon to pack up stuff. Then after it got dark and the men were done working, hubby and his dad came down to help. We cleared out the attic (I can't believe how much baby stuff we had stored up there!), almost finished packing boxes, and moved the freezer and the kitchen table and chairs.

Sometime this afternoon we will be leaving to go the a Knights of Columbus meeting down in Colorado Springs. I'm excited about hanging out with the girls, going to the pool, and going to the mass and banquet as a family. I am not excited about doing laundry and packing this morning.

On Wednesday, I taught Charlotte's preschool coop class for the last time. Since most of our stuff was packed and moved, I had some last minute changes to plans, but we somehow managed to get through 4 projects...A paper bag cow puppet, a number 6 activity, a rectangle shape person, and a new years shaker (made with dried beans in a coke can.) While I was getting the snack together (juice pouches and goldfish crackers) all the kids started screaming at each other, so I put them all in corners for a time out while I finished getting ready. One little boy muttered something about never wanting to come to this house again...which I thought was funny, since it was the last time he'd come to it while we own it, anyway!

I've been Internet shopping for appliances, and I think I have my plan laid out for when we get in our next house. We will definitely need a range, microwave, washer and dryer (we are bringing our fridge) and we may need a dishwasher...I know there is one in the house, but I am not sure if it works or not. It looks like I should be able to get pretty nice appliances for around $2000...which is a lot, of course, but I know it could be a lot worse. I guess we'll have to see if the prices go up by the time we are in there...

Another task that needs to be done before we leave today is fixing Eva's Christmas dress (we bought it for pictures the day we had the girl's pictures taken, but found out that we needed to wrap a hair tie in the back of it to keep the neckline high enough...) so that she can wear it to the banquet tomorrow night without the hair tie. Unfortunately, I bought MIL needles to do the job last week, and we have spent much of the morning looking for those needles!

I am really looking forward to having our own space. It hasn't been too bad living all together, but having the girls on an air mattress in the office space has made it difficult to get girls to sleep well AND made it difficult to get things faxed and copied, etc. It will be nice to come over and be visitors again.

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