Friday, February 05, 2010

Quick Takes Friday

The countdown has officially begun. Hubby's aunt and uncle are moving out of the house on Saturday, and although I promised hubby not to make him do major moving on Superbowl Sunday, I do plan on going in and measuring, then mapping out where the furniture will be going in between the Superbowl commercials (I mean, who actually wants to watch the game?)

I finished our Federal taxes last night...we had to go over to the house to get last year's taxes in order to e-file. Turns out that I finished up my taxes on February 3rd last year. I started our state taxes, but since we actually owe taxes to the state, I figured I'd wait a while to file. Have I mentioned recently how much I love turbo tax? I used the free edition again this year, but I fear that it is probably the last year I'll be able to use turbo tax, with the slightly more complicated tax situation we might be in next year.

Today the bookkeeper will be by MILs house to do data entry stuff, so I need to go put up the girl's air mattress. MIL has to work at the bookstore in town this afternoon, so instead of just hanging out and making noise, the girls and I are going to go shopping. I don't have a huge list (yet...I'm sure I will once we actually move in!) but it should be fun to go look around. I'm not getting too ambitious...just heading up to the small city with WalMart and Home Depot in it...I had thought about REALLY going shopping, but as it will be the three of us, I think we'll stay a little closer to home.

I'm pretty sure that lunch today will be at McDonald's...gotta buy off the girls somehow so they behave while I browse!

I wonder how many of those little paint chips I can pick up at the store before I start getting harassed by the employees...I want to find just the right colors, but it's a little hard to judge what will work with my couches, the drapes and the carpet in the living room, then of course, I need to find a coordinating color for the kitchen that will go with the curtains I am planning on buying.

Speaking of the kitchen my normal fashion, I fell in love with a particular set of valances that are only available at Lowes...of course there isn't a Lowes for well over 100 miles...I couldn't fall in love with something available at Home Depot, of course. And, to top things off, the valances are not available online. So, I'll have to wait until MILs next infusion (2 1/2 more weeks) to buy them, of course, that assumes they are still available then...

My new appliances will be delivered on the 11th, so even after we have the house, we'll have to spend much of the day at MIL's house anyway...or we can wear disposable clothes and eat only items that can be prepared in the microwave. We'll have to see what sounds better next week!

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Gae said...

Browsing with small children deserves a bribe and a treat for Mummy's too.
I hope you cna get all the paint chips you want. you may even get a helpful shop assistant to help you..if you are lucky.
Enjoy your week

Christine said...

It's sounds like things are really picking up and you'll have alot going on the next few weeks. Good luck with the move, the redecorating, and the valances.