Friday, February 12, 2010

Quick Takes Friday

We have a house! We moved in partially on Sunday night, and then actually were able to sleep there on Monday night. We still have no Internet access (it'll be set up on Monday) so I'll have to keep this short...(well, short for me, anyway!)

I have saved about $2000 since we moved in. The girl's bedroom was not big enough for both beds, and the third bedroom upstairs isn't really a bedroom because it has no window. So, hubby told me I could spend up to $1000 on bunk beds. I mentioned the idea of bunk beds to Eva, and she almost burst into instead, the girls agreed to share a bed (which they have been doing for almost 2 months, anyway...) Then, we figured out that our dishwasher is really tiny, and we have a bunch of things that won't fit in it. So hubby gave me permission to buy a dishwasher if it could be installed at the the same time our other appliances were coming. Turns out Sears can't have their delivery and installation people install dishwashers. So, saved another $500 there...then, when Sears finally delivered my appliances yesterday, the installer came in the door and said they could not install my stove because they can't convert natural gas to propane because their insurance won't let them...of course, the sales person told me it was no problem and that the delivery guys would do everything. So, rather than take the stove (it turns out the one left there was in better shape than I was led to believe) and have to find someone to install it, I just returned it. I'm figuring that it was the Holy Spirit giving me a lesson in contentment.

We now have possibly the world's ugliest bathroom. I am really hoping that in a year we'll be able to save up enough to remodel it. We have a peachy pink tub (no shower), toilet (peachy pink with white seat), and a fabulous peachy pink sink with built in hair sprayer (so you can warsh your hair in the sink)...then it has the same peachy pink color and white sponge painting treatment all over the walls and ceiling, brown carpeting, and to top it off this really funky light fixture that is similar to one that a friend and her husband took out of their house a few years ago...her hubby called them testicle lights...I think that's a pretty good description, to be honest.

I have all the paint for my living room, and I think some of the family will be coming over tomorrow to help me paint it. Of course, before we paint, I need to spackle all of the nail holes.

Speaking of nail holes...I have taken a minimum of a dozen nails out of every room upstairs (over 30 in the living room...just over a dozen in the dining nook) I bought a huge can of spackle at the general store, and the woman there laughed at me.

I also have hubby building me a pantry. Because of some weird remodeling, the coat closet is located in the kitchen. We are putting some adjustable shelving in there and making it a pantry. Eventually, I would like to put a coat closet in a little alcove next to the garage (it used to fit an upright freezer...our chest freezer is in the garage.) that way coats would be near the car or the mudroom.

Hubby has the whole day off on Sunday (yeah!) to go to a Knights of Columbus meeting (note the romantic valentine's day we'll be having...) so while we are gone, I am hoping to get stuff to redo the girl's room. I have officially given in, and the room will be painted pink. We found a bedspread the girls will like, so I think I'll go get that, then go get paint for the room, maybe a few accessories, and turn their room into a super girly pink extravaganza.

That's all I have time for today, more quick takes at Conversion Diary!


Rae said...

Congrats on the house, though it sounds like a lot of work. The bathroom in our last apartment was crazy pink and black, so I sympathize!

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