Friday, July 31, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

My major accomplishment this week...sewing dresses for the girls. It took having MIL sit next to me and interpret the pattern into English for me, but the second dress I did entirely by myself (it doesn't look as good as the first, but the girls both seem to like them!) Now I am thinking of other projects I could sew...hubby really wishes I wouldn't...I think.

Hubby's major accomplishment this week was finishing up the light cover in our kitchen. I posted an "in progress" picture recently, and am feeling too lazy to get the camera out this morning, but it looks really good. He ended up putting in cross bars in between the light covering. He even ended up having $40 worth of unused materials to return to the lumber yard. So, that's one more item off our to do list (there are still plenty more home improvement projects to go!)

MIL is driving all over the region to judge 4-H Cake Decorating, so on Tuesday the girls and I went with her to one fair (only 30 minutes from WalMart, yeah!), we went shopping while she judged, and then had lunch at the fair and looked around for a while (before coming home and sewing dresses...yes, I AM insane!) Eva was really bummed that none of the rides were open (it was the first day of fair, and we were there in the middle of the day). We might be going with MIL again on Monday (to a town an hour away from ours, but they have some interesting sights, and a Safeway.) Then on Tuesday, we will be going over to our own county's fair. Hubby is going over at 6:30 am to pull pork off a roasted pig for the Knights of Columbus. Fortunately, it looks like there is enough help going over for that, so the girls and I will wait until later in the day to go over.

Speaking of fairs and Knights of Columbus...on Thursday hubby and I will be going to help the Knights of Columbus with a beer garden at yet another fair (that makes it likely that I will be at 5 county fairs in three weeks...) We were going to skip it this year, because on Friday morning we will be leaving at 6 am to drive to Wichita for the Midwest Catholic Family Conference. Of course, I guess I still need to tell MIL that we'll be leaving the dog and kids on Thursday afternoon, spending the night at their house, and then leaving first thing in the morning...Hmmm...maybe I should consult her before deciding these things!

Because I am a cruel mom, I've decided to make the girls match for the conference. So, on Saturday, they will be wearing their strawberry shortcake dresses that I just finished, and on Sunday they will wear the red and white checked matching dresses my mom sent them for Easter. Friday they will probably look like slobs...but we'll have a long drive there. I'm hoping to get to Wichita early enough that we can take the kids to the pool before the conference starts to get some energy out of them...but we'll see I guess!

I have a LOT of cleaning to catch up on, and a lot of packing to do this may be out of the house on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday...Not to mention part of Saturday and all day Sunday! During the summer, our parish has a sign up for different parish groups to host coffee and rolls or a breakfast. This Sunday we are hosting for the Couple to Couple League, since we missed national NFP week. Another couple who have been NFP users forever, and are very supportive of our teaching are bringing 11 dozen donuts and will be there to help serve, but I will probably be going to Mass on Saturday, after assembling 12 egg casseroles, so that Sunday morning I will be able to cook casseroles, slice up watermelon and make coffee and apple juice. Yes, I DO plan to lose my mind completely by the end of next week!

My mom started back to school this week. My dad didn' he's probably rubbing that in right about now. As for our school, Eva will finish her third quarter of Kindergarten before her 5th birthday. We have two more days this week (I procrastinated, so now we get to do school today and Saturday!) then three more weeks to go for this quarter...after we are back from vacation, of course!

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