Sunday, July 19, 2009

10th Anniversary Post

Well, I almost feel obligated to post something today, so here goes:

10 years ago, today hubby had two flat tires, missed work at McDonald's, I missed my economics class, so we decided to get married to improve the day.

HINT NUMBER ONE that my hubby was a hick: We went to the DMV that morning to get our marriage license...all was going well, we were just about done with the paperwork when hubby asked the poor clerk "So, do we just go in back to get married?" I sank down into my chair, and explained to the startled woman that hubby was from a very small town (where the DMV is in the courthouse) and explained to hubby that the courthouse was across town.

We then headed over to the courthouse, found out that judges couldn't marry people until after hours. Made an appointment, moved all my stuff out of my parent's house to his apartment (in case they didn't take the elopement very well!) Showered, dressed up, bought a disposable camera, had dinner at McDonalds...then went and got married (with two court clerks as witnesses/photographers).

We told my dad, who took it better than expected, then had to call my mom and tell her (I made my dad do that, I think) told hubby's parents, and then I spent the night at my parents house, since hubby was housesitting for his boss.

So, obviously, we did our big anniversary celebration last month with our Vegas what happened today?

We got to church, hubby opened the missalette for the first reading, looked at the date, then poked me and whispered "Happy Anniversary". Then, Father gave a homily on taking time away from the crowd to be with Jesus, with the example of turning off cell phones to get away...right after Mass, hubby got on Facebook to admit he forgot our anniversary.

Then, we went to MILs house for the day. After lunch, I decided to clean out her refrigerator (she knew I was going to blog about it...she's just VERY lucky I didn't have my camera on me!). After 3 full trash bags, with some stuff having use by dates of 2007 (her pantry was worse last time...I think I found something from the late 80s or early 90s...) we took a break. MIL needed to take the Women of Grace DVDs and Facilitator's Guide to a woman over in Nebraska, so hubby and I offered to drop them by on our way to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (YEAH!!!) which for the matinee was only $3.50 each (double YEAH!!!) Then we picked up McDonald's to take home to everybody, finished cleaning out the fridge, and finished off a bottle of liquor that they brought home from their cruise earlier this year.

Now, we're home, the day is almost over, and I think it's almost time for bed...but for when he gets around to reading this: Happy 10th Anniversary my dear (hick) husband!

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Tienne said...

Happy 10th Anniversary! Ours is this year, too. It seems like so much less time that we've been together, the years have just flown by.

I'm new to your blog, and love it. I'm in the Denver area too, struggling with a garden and learning to can. I picked a good year to start growing a garden; the rain has been phenomenal for my zucchinis!