Friday, July 10, 2009

Quick Takes Friday - TGINT

Yep, it is the thank goodness it's nap time edition of quick takes around's been a busy morning and I am looking forward to a couple of hours (hopefully) of uninterrupted mommy time (and I intend to spend at least a little of it catching up on the dishes and the laundry...instead of wasting time on Facebook.)

Today I have some fun 4th of July pictures. Eva was being particularly uncooperative, so I didn't say, good...just fun. We had a great time, hosted a cookout and invited the inlaws was a small gathering this year, only 10 people, but it was fun. Only MIL, FIL and SIL stayed for the fireworks. Every year, we head over to the park by about 8:30...and every year, we wonder when they are going to start the just in case I look back next year to see when they start, the lights at the stadium went off at 9:29, and the fireworks followed directly afterwards.

We had dentist appointments this week...and hubby tried to back out of them (he did have a good excuse, since the full time woman at work is on vacation this week) but we decided to suck it up and go...the problem with rural living is everything is SO FAR AWAY!!! Our dentist is in Kansas...he's the nearest dentist that takes our insurance, and since our health insurance pays for cleanings and checkups (minus a $20 copay) we figure it is worth it...until we have to drive over and back...This time, there was all sorts of road construction, so we took a different route there, which worked out well (a few more miles, but no road construction), but we took our usual route back...TWO separate places with one lane roads and pilot cars...As for the dentist, hubby was really excited, because he didn't get any fillings (partially because he whined to the hygienist about getting them every time) Eva's teeth are really good and she sat through a cleaning. Charlotte let her look at her teeth and got a toothbrush (no cleaning yet, I don't think she'd sit still long enough!) I had to get a filling...yes, I, the person who mostly gets told what excellent teeth I have, had to get a filling. I would like to point out, however, that I think it was my first filling since I got my braces off (1996 maybe?). They do WAY different fillings now than I had way back then. Very quick, but I'm not so sure I like having my teeth sandblasted to get rid of decay...

Wednesday was the final turn in day for the summer reading program, so we took the girls to the library to turn in stuff and get new books. I was talking to one of the librarians, who told me they had 400 kids in the reading program this summer (that's a completely insane number given that the town is only 2000-3000 people...) Eva got all of the prizes this year, and I ordered her the American Heritage First Dictionary (one of my friends thought that was mean...she let her daughter pick My Little Ponies book...I thought that was twaddle...) but don't know if it will work out...the library hasn't called me yet, so we'll see! CRAZY was the only word to describe the library while we were there...

The difficulty I have been having with Charlotte since potty training, is keeping her in panties...she's a little nudist. I've been trying to institute a rule that she must wear panties while we eat...but today hubby had a weirder than normal schedule, I was throwing lunch on the table, and she was wearing a long shirt...I found out at the end of lunch that she had no panties on. The other day we walked up to Subway for dinner. She was in her stroller, buckled in, and wearing a dress (she loves dresses right now), we got there, ate dinner, she said she needed to go potty, and when we got into the bathroom, she pulled up her dress and said "where panties go???" That was my question, too...she must have shed them when she used the potty before we left home.

Clearly, I need a life...but I was pretty excited the other day when I found out there were new crops available on FarmTown (Facebook)...they have recently added, Raspberries, Cotton, Carrots, Peppers, Blueberries and Pineapples...I still need to get to a higher level to get Pineapples, but I have planted Raspberries, Carrots and Blueberries so far. I also found out that you can now hire people to plow for you, so I can hire someone to harvest, hire someone to plow, and all I have to do is plant and sell my crops.

My parents got back from their trip to Europe this least, I assume they are home by mom called me from the Atlanta airport when they found out that their layover would be an extra hour. It sounds like they had a pretty good time, but my mom seemed a little unimpressed with Russia...or maybe it was because they couldn't see as much as they wanted to...I'm not really sure...They want to come out and see us before my mom has to be back at school, which this year is the 30th of July! It sounds like she might be teaching IB Biology this year, so I think she is probably excited about that. So, I'm looking up at my calendar and thinking "how on earth are they going to make it for a visit before the 30th?" I'll be going to Greeley with MIL for a doctor's appointment and a trip to Chuck E Cheese's on Tuesday (yes, the potty training bribe must be paid...), Thursday we have a pool party, Friday Eva has a pool party, Sunday is our 10th anniversary, and Fair in hubby's hometown starts that next we'll see when they come out!

My young married women's bible study group started a new book this week...and I only have myself (and one other former member) to blame. We used to have about 17 women, but we are down to 7, and normally more like 5 of us can make it...we had 4 last night. Our book is called "Praying With Women of the Bible" by Bridget Mary Meehan. Another woman suggested it a couple of years ago, so I put it on my Paperback Swap list, and ended up getting it, but never got around to reading it. When we were discussing the next book, I pulled out a pile, and we all thought this one would be interesting, and hoped that it would help us deepen our prayer lives. Then there was an ordering fiasco, where we found out that the author was dropped by the publisher, and finally I ended up finding used copies for everyone. The first two women were Sarah and Hagar...on the good side, it was interesting to learn more about them and re-read their story (I had read it before, but had forgotten about Abraham asking Sarah to say that she was his sister in foreign lands...and had also forgotten that it wasn't completely a lie, in that Sarah and Abraham had the same father but different mothers...yuck!) HOWEVER, my take on it is that it is written from the perspective or for the 60 year old ex-nun who is working towards a woman, if you can get past that tone (and the "prayer experiences") I think it will work very well. Recently, about half our group went to a Charismatic retreat. The most Charismatic one in our group received a prophecy there that the reason our study group has become so small is so that we can go deeper into prayer. She told me when she opened up the pages for our first session and read the prayer experiences, it was confirmation of that prophecy to her. So, she has been appointed as the official "prayer experience" person, and I will do my best to participate in whatever she throws at us...

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