Monday, May 04, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Well, today we got to pick up my car after last week's tire incedent...all is better with it, and I am glad to have transportation. We had to drive down to get it with the four of us in our two door was nice to streach out.

Eva and I also started back up with school, and while I am sure that it will take a couple of weeks to get back into a good routine I think it went pretty well.

To add to my insanity, Simple Mom just HAD to have a Spring Cleaning Party this week and next...and of course, the totally nuts part of me decided that would be a great idea. (That same side of me went all around the house taking BEFORE pictures for this blog that I will not show until I have some good AFTER pictures!)

I have been working on day one today, which is a "clean sweep" where you just get rid of the clutter that is out and about. I think I've filled up our trash can at least twice today. I am proud to say that I finally gave up on some stuff...I subscribed to "Canticle" magazine for a year, and while I am sure it has great articles, I have to admit I never even finished my first issue...I found the layout of the magazine to be a big turn-off (I'm so vain!), and today I gave myself permission to throw out all of the issues (they were all at least 2 years old...) In retrospect, it might have been better to put them in a giveaway box, but then I would have had to take the giveaway box somewhere, and I've got enough boxes waiting to go "somewhere" out in our garage...

Tomorrow is the living room, part 1, and I'm pretty excited to get to some serious cleaning/de-junking!

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Christine said...

You're doing such a good job cleaning! I'm always amazed at how much garbage I just let float around my house and then realize like 2 years later that I don't really need. And I think you're really brave to take before pictures, I always feel like my clutter is way too much. :)