Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Spring Cleaning, day 2!

Okay, I think I will finally reveal my first before and after shots today. Day two is the living room, part 1.

I haven't done much dusting or washing or any vaccuming yet, but today I worked on the DVDs in the entertainment center, the book shelf in the dining room including the girl's puzzle cabinet. (I just had to add this picture, because so many of my pictures end up like this thanks to a short blonde child...)

I can't believe how much junk was in those areas! I also had the girls bring all of their books out of their room to consolidate them...I know that for the next 6 months they will migrate back to their room, but that's okay.

I also found out a disturbing fact about my bibliophile tendencies...just in the dining room bookshelf, we have 118 kids books and 129 adult books. Add to that our "school bookshelf" and I'm pretty sure kids books outnumber adults...as long as I don't count my special overflowing bookshelf for paperbackswap postings (currently 121 posted), the cabinet where I keep books we have listed on Amazon, and the small piles currently waiting to be donated to the church or the library.

So, here is some proof of my bad housekeeping skills and my temporarily organized bookshelves and DVDs.

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Christine said...

Looking Good.