Friday, May 29, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

The wedding went very well...we had enough food at the rehearsal dinner to cater the wedding, to be honest...but that's the way it goes in hubby's family! We don't want anyone to go hungry.

For a very long time, Eva has been telling us that when she grows up she's going to marry B (a friend's son who is about 1 1/2 younger than her)...well, then she met the ring bearer at the wedding, she's going to marry L instead...unfortunately, Charlotte has also decided that she's going to marry L.

Naturally, I forgot to get my camera as we left for the wedding, so no pictures until I get some from someone who had a camera there...

The cake...what can I say about the cake? Well, the very wonderful caterers were in charge of cutting the cake, and they cut normal wedding cake slices (maybe 1/2 to 1 inch wide?) when MIL planned on MUCH BIGGER slices, so there was a ridiculous amount of cake leftover. The head caterer was so impressed with MILs cakes, she said they were a joy to cut and offered her a job (it'd be a long commute, though...) MIL still wasn't quite satisfied with how the cakes looked (they looked great) but she hardly ever is satisfied and she usually should be (well, except for the collapsed house cake from Eva's last birthday, but she's still blaming that one on FILs driving...)

The visit with my parents went relatively well. I was pretty worn out from wedding stuff (helping cook a zillion tons of food, helping with 17 cakes, etc.) and it was a pretty short visit, and that made it pretty good! Their neighbors gave us a big box of school materials that they no longer needed, so that was awesome. I can't wait to go through it all.

After the tire incident a couple of weeks ago, our car has not really been the same (not that I particularly expected it to be the same after I rearranged the underside by running over the darn thing...) and when we came home on Monday, the tailpipe all but fell we've been doing the one car thing all week. But today is payday (woo hoo!) so the car is at the shop right now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an inexpensive repair.

Speaking of cars, a dealership from a couple of towns over had a tent sale this week at the grocery store parking lot. Hubby and I were sorely tempted by a 2000-something (I don't remember if it was an 05, 06, or 07...anyway you look at it, WAY newer than our vehicles) Saturn Vue with all wheel drive. Of course, since we don't have $15000 to spend on a car right now, it wasn't gonna happen, but it was an awesome looking car.

Well, that's about it for this week, more quick takes over at Conversion Diary!

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