Friday, May 15, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

I am still spring cleaning...the 10 day plan isn't going to quite cut it for our house...not because it is big, or anything...probably because it is so small that I have stuff stashed pretty much everywhere.

Two of the places that I tackled this week are our front hall closet and our bedroom closet...both house an amazing array of stuff (we have about 10 paintings in the back of our closet that I forgot about...we don't have as much wall space in this house as we did in our last!), including my trigger trombone, which did live in the front hall closet, but is now in our room. I had fun taking it out and playing a little bit (it's been a LONG lung power must be much less than it used to be!) and both girls got to try it out. Surprisingly, Charlotte did a much better job at moving her lips correctly than Eva did. Charlotte's been wondering around the house pretending to play a trombone since then.

I seriously need to pack some stuff up and get it mailed soon...I have several things on ebay right now that I need to find packages for, I have a wedding gift to mail to a college friend whose wedding we missed last weekend, I have a little baby gift that I need to mail out (Christine R...send me your mailing address!), I have a book to mail, and I have another wedding present to wrap and deliver (to BIL and his fiancee, we'll probably take it up this weekend when we try to make it to their graduation.) That's a lot of packing things up to do!

The room that is giving me the most problems with spring cleaning is our laundry room. It is pretty good sized, it has our washer and dryer, chest freezer, treadmill, a bookshelf (for my paperbackswap books), a utility sink that hasn't quite been installed, several shelves, lots of cabinets (holding all sorts of stuff I need to go through) and a small closet (also stuffed with stuff!) Not to mention my filing cabinet and a huge box of things to be filed...When I go in to tackle it, I may never come out.

Hubby just got home from work...his coworker who has been out on maternity leave is back, so his paycheck is going to drop pretty substantially (just after I got used to the higher paychecks...bummer!) and our tomato plants came in the mail today, so I'm assuming that the box also contains our peppers, which means that we can finish planting our garden finally!

I just discovered that it is easier for me to plan two weeks of school for Eva than planning one week at a time...before you say "well, Duh!", in my defense, when I was first getting into school with her, my plan for the week would change several times with her either going faster or slower at learning the concepts than I had expected. We finally seem to be in a groove, so I had planned two weeks ago the first two weeks of class (which went really well and ended today) because I figured that post-surgery, it was better to get more planning out of the way. Today I was about to go back to one week of planning, but then I realized with BILs wedding next weekend and a visit to my parents, I am not going to have much planning time available. So, I did two weeks worth of lesson plans and am looking forward to not having to think about lesson planning until June.

From the spring cleaning, we have a ridiculous amount of stuff to take to thrift stores...the only problem is that we are about 3 hours from the nearest thrift store. That means that I am going to attempt to take a few bags with me every time I go up to the front range in hopes of getting all of our "we don't need it anymore, but it is still in decent shape" stuff out of our garage before the end of the year!

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Christine said...

Sounds like you've been really busy. I totally understand about getting things to the thrift store - we have several within 15 minutes, and I'll even get the piles together and it takes me forever to actually just go drop it off. Bet you're loving all the space you're finding. That's my favorite part of cleaning. :)