Wednesday, April 08, 2009

We're off to see the wiz....err...surgeon! is finally here! Tomorrow I am tentatively scheduled to have my adjustible gastric banding surgery at 9:40 (Mountain time), and I am just finishing up a little cleaning and packing (and, obviously, some blogging!). My MIL should be here within an hour to pick up the girls, and hubby should be home from work in about an hour. We have a three hour drive up to the hospital, and I have a pre-op appointment at 1 pm. Yesterday was full liquid, and today is clear I've had an exciting breakfast of sugar free lime jello and crystal lite.

I weighed myself this morning, and according to my scale, I am down 20.4 lbs, just over the 20 lbs that I'm supposed to do...we'll have to see if the doctor's office scale agrees this afternoon.

We will spend the next two nights near the hospital, and will get to head home sometime on Friday morning. I'll be spending the night at MILs house to get ready for the bridal shower on Saturday, then I'll finally get to go home after the Easter Vigil (long enough to sleep, turn around and go back to MILs house for Easter dinner...)

I'll have hubby post something when my surgery is over!


Christine said...

Praying for a good surgery and a quick recovery.

What hospital are you going to?

Christine said...

Also praying for everything to go well and without any complications, before and after surgery.

Anonymous said...

My friend, you should be done with your surgery and I hope that everything went perfectly!