Friday, April 17, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

Well, it's been a busy couple of weeks!

Surgery went well last week...I was pretty nervous about it, and right before I went back to the OR, the OR nurse came out to talk with me. She told me that during the surgery they put a board at the end of the bed, and that they would ask me to stand on the board because partway through the surgery they stand you up a little to let gravity help move things out of the way...I don't remember anything from the OR besides a big light, so I think I may have twisted my ankle a little bit.

The anesthesiologist came out to talk to me beforehand, too...and so I told him all about my anesthesia problems with Eva (couldn't get an epidural in, spinal only covered my legs, general anesthesia, couldn't intibate me, etc.) he checked out my throat, told me that I look like an easy case, and gave me plan A and plan B. Plan A was to put me out and intibate me...plan B was if he couldn't do plan A to wake me up and intibate me with a scope, then put me out again. Apparently plan A worked out. I'm a little bit bitter that he saw me as an easy case, since the quack nurse anesthetist from Eva's c-section told me I was too difficult and would probably need a scope anytime I was intibated...

On Friday, we got to head home (well, not home...I stayed at MILs house) and did all the grocery shopping for the shower on the way home. The bridal shower went really well, although my attempt at having a better count of people by asking for regrets only didn't work any better than asking for RSVPs. Hubby says that RSVPing is just not part of the culture out here...I argue that anyone that is too lazy to RSVP is just rude. I understand that things happen, but I'd rather have a last minute RSVP than set up for 31 people and have 15 show up. Future SIL had a good time, so that's all that really mattered.

Easter didn't quite go as originally planned. Hubby went to Holy Thursday and Good Friday...I stayed behind to get a nap (once in our room at the hospital outpatient house, and once at MILs house). We were originally all going to go to the vigil, but after spending all Saturday morning preparing food and all afternoon showering the bride-to-be, we were all a little tired, so we decided to go to the 1 PM Mass at MILs church (crossing our fingers that it wouldn't be a Spanish Mass...we lucked out, it wasn't!) So, we had a later Easter dinner than usual, but it was still a good day.

I finally fessed up to my Bible Study friends about my surgery. I figured there wasn't much of an option, since we eat dinner together. So, I was either going to have to skip 2 or 3 sessions so they didn't ask why I wasn't eating...and let's face it, when I started measuring 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup onto my plate after that, they'd get suspicious. They are being very supportive...but of course, had a lot of questions. Unfortunately, I had to explain things 3 times...once on the car ride out, once for the hostess, and once more when another person arrived.

My post op appointment was on Wednesday. I was cleared to drive and take my vitamins (they offered me a clearance letter to go back to work...I didn't think hubby needed, if they had offered me a letter saying I couldn't clean for two weeks, I would have taken that!) and set up my appointment for my first adjustment. I was down 12 lbs from my pre op appointment (1 week before), but some of that might come back, since they decided I am slightly dehydrated. Everything looks good, and I am healing as expected. Between MIL and myself, we've had so many appointments up in the big city recently that when I was done with my appointment, we couldn't think of anywhere we needed to shop for anything. So, we went to Red Lobster (Eva's request...what a goof ball!) for lunch, and headed home. I'm getting very used to ordering strange things at restaurants now. We've been out to eat 3 times since my surgery (it's been one of those weeks!) and I ordered a small apple juice the first time, and mashed potatoes both other times (my full liquid diet says that mashed potatoes thinned with milk count as a full liquid, so I'm good with that!) I'm looking forward to the pureed diet in a week, when I can have finely chopped scrambled eggs.

Yesterday was the grandparent's tea for Eva's story time. Every year, they host a tea party for the last library story time, and the kids get to invite a grandparent. They listen to a story, drink tea and eat cookies, and get folders with a paper from each story time the child attended throughout the year. Eva went to 22 this year, and we get to see how she answered questions, and whatever crafts they did all year. Eva took MIL again, and they had a great time. I told MIL that she's got at least 3 more years of grandparent's tea to attend, because Eva can do 1 more year of story time, and then Charlotte will be able to do 2 years (because of Eva's birthday she was able to do 3 years, but I'm not sure if Charlotte will, because she will turn 6 part way though the 3rd year.)

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