Friday, July 16, 2010

Quick Takes Friday

Wow...I just noticed that it has been over a month since I last posted.

So, here's my quick takes from the last month.

I survived three weeks of swim lessons. I managed to register the girls later than I had intended, so they ended up in different sessions, which meant that I got to sit in the hot and humid indoor pool for an hour a day for 12 days. Eva got demoted to level 1 (which is where she needed to be, but they were all full, so I put her in level 2) and in the end, both girls will be repeating their current levels again next year. They both came close to passing, but had a few skills they still couldn't or wouldn't do by the end of the lessons.

We visited my parents in the mountains for the 4th of July. Actually, it was a pretty strange trip. Hubby was going to stay home (because his dad had freaked out over wanting three weekends off during the summer), so the girls and I left right after swim lessons. I got about 10 miles out of town, when hubby called to tell me that if I wanted to come get him, his dad had just told him that he could go with us. So, it was much nicer having him along, rather than travelling by myself with the girls.

I went to the Rocky Mountain Catholic Home Educator's Conference, which was awesome. I got to see Danielle Bean speak her keynote "8 Things Happy Homeschoolers Know" and her session on homeschool burnout. I also got to meet quite a few nice women there. I have to admit, I am a little jealous of those women who have other Catholic homeschoolers within a reasonable distance. I also got most of what I still needed for Eva's school next year (I have placed my Amazon order as well) and I am only in search of 1 more book (hopefully!) as the Usborne book consultant there was going to find an out of print book for me. The last book I should be able to get at the Midwest Catholic Family Conference.

My SIL came over and helped me to create a play room in the "junk room" (a small, windowless room off of the mudroom) since the girls did not like to go down to the basement to play. I guess I should be flattered that they want to be near me. It is nice to have all the rest of the "stuff" out of there...although I was not so happy to find a few things that have been nibbled by mice...I am still in denial about the little rodents being in my house, and am contemplating bringing the cats "Tigger" and "Twinkle" into the house.

Stopping here because SIL is back today to help me start priming the walls and epoxying the floor in our guest (soon to be exchange student's) room. Our exchange student will be arriving while we are in Wichita for the Midwest Catholic Family I'll have to figure out who will pick her up for us!

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