Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eva's School Books - or Stop ME Before I Buy Any More Curricula for this Child!

I remember when hubby and I decided to enroll Eva in Seton for her Kindergarten years (we did two) that one of the reasons was because I could spend a million dollars trying to come up with the perfect curriculum for her, and still leave gaps in her education.

Well, it turns out that since I wasn't 100% satisfied with all that Seton had to offer (not saying they are bad, or anything...) I found their Math program hard for me to teach (I needed more instruction on how to explain basic math) I did not care for the Science book...the experiments were okay, but too much work for me and too scattered for me...and finally, the music CD that was included for Eva's music class made her cry (it made me want to cry, too...I am not so crazy about the philosophy of some children's music that insists on including kids who sing off key on the CD because some kids at home can't carry a tune in a bucket...)

Back to the million dollars - I didn't spend quite that much, but I am sure I overbought for first grade. I really need to learn that I can always buy more (and I'm not guaranteeing that I won't end up buying more...I have this problem with books!)

So, here is Eva's school stuff. At a later date, I will do the same with Charlotte's preschool stuff...but as I am not sure I am done buying yet, it may be a couple of weeks!

Seton Religion 1 for Young Catholics ($.50 at homeschool used book table)
Great Adventure Kids Pack ($22.45 Barnes & Noble)
You Can Understand the Bible -Peter Kreeft ($17.96 at local bookstore...for Mom, of course)

Seton Phonics 1 for Young Catholics part 1 and 2 ($30 Seton)

K-3 Handwriting Book ($6.88 Sam's Club)
Draw Write Now Books 1, 2, 4, and 5 ($24 CathSwap)

Reading-Thinking Skills Level A by Continental Press ($7 Seton...also bought level B for $1 at used book table)
Reading for Comprehension Level A by Continental Press ($9.45 Amazon)

Map Skills:
Maps Charts and Graphs Level A by MCP ($7.65 Sacred Heart Books and Gifts)

Math U See Alpha teacher's pack and student pack ($55 MathUSee Swap)
Skip Counting and Addition Songs ($7.50 MathUSee Swap)
Math U See Blocks ($27 CathSwap)

Harcourt Science 2 - used in grades 1 and 2 by Kolbe Academy ($18.35 CathSwap)
Harcourt Science 2 workbook ($12.20 Amazon)

Berlitz Kids Spanish materials (101 basic words sticker book, 101 animals sticker book, the five crayons, a visit to grandma, the missing cat) still using from last year
Usborne Farmyard Tales First Spanish Word Book - still using from last year
I can Learn Spanish CD and coloring book, La Isla Fantastica (an Usborne First Bilingual Reader), LinguaFun tape and card game ($16 CathSwap)
El Mejor Libro de Palabras de Richard Scarry ($11.47 at local bookstore)

Physical Education:
Homeschool Family Fitness (I bought this last year, but didn't really use it...the plan is to use it this year!)

Lessons in Responsibility for Girls - still using from last year

and finally...

Connecting with History Volume 1 ($30 St. George Books and Gifts)
King of the Golden City ($16.10 Sacred Heart Books and Gifts)
Blackline Maps of World History CD-ROM ($24.95 Rainbow Resource)
New Catholic Picture Bible ($6 CathSwap)
The Genesis of It All - Luci Shaw ($3.64 new hardcover Amazon)
Noah's Ark - Peter Spier (PBS)
Tut's Mommy Lost and Found - Judy Donnelly (PBS)
Usborne Time Travelers - Pharoahs and Pyramids; Rome and Romans ($14 CathSwap)
What's Your Angle, Pythagorus? - Julie Ellis ($.25 homeschool used book table)
Old Testament Days:An Activity Guide ($10 CathSwap)
Classical Kids:An Activity Guide ($10 CathSwap)
Archaeologists Dig for Clues - Kate Duke (PBS)
The Great Pyramid - Elizabeth Mann ($8.95 BN)
Famous Figures of Ancient Times ($13.57 Amazon)
The Librarian Who Measured the Earth ($12.23 Amazon)
Alexander the Great - Jane Bingham (out of print, but I gave my credit card info to the Usborne book rep at the homeschool conference, who said she could get it for me...I haven't heard anything to the contrary, so I am still hopeful!)
Tales from the Old Testament CD - Jim Weiss ($10.95 BN)
Gilgamesh the King; Revenge of Ishtar; Last Quest of Gilgamesh - Ludmilla Zeman ($18/set CathSwap)
Egyptian Treasures: Mummies and Myths CD - Jim Weiss ($10.17 Amazon)
Jewish Holiday Stories CD - Jim Weiss ($13.45 Sacred Heart)
Exodus - Brian Wildsmith ($14.95 Rainbow Resource)
The Egyptian Cinderella - Shirley Climo (PBS)
The Story of Queen Esther - Jenny Koralek ($11.90 Amazon)
Greek Myths CD - Jim Weiss ($11.06 BN)
Favorite Greek Myths - Bob Blaisdell ($1.70 Sacred Heart)
The Story of Hercules - Bob Blaisdell ($.85 Sacred Heart)
Aesop's Fables Coloring Book ($3.25 Rainbow Resource)
The Trojan Horse: How the Greeks Won the War - Emily Little (PBS)
Julius Caesar and the Story of Rome CD - Jim Weiss ($14.95 St. George)
Lysis Goes to the Play - Caroline Snedeker ($7.60 Sacred Heart)

and the one book that I haven't gotten yet, but plan to get in a little under a week at the Midwest Catholic Family Conference:
A Triumph for Flavius - Caroline Snedeker ($10.15 Sacred Heart)

Yeah, I may need therapy...


Cathy said...

Hi Majellamom! Thanks for purchasing Famous Figures of Ancient Times...since the book was published last year we have started to come out with separate figures of ancient women that were not included in the book.
I would be glad to send you a pdf file of these figures as they become available (Hatshepsut, Ruth, Ester, Lei-Tzu). We have completed Hatshepsut and the others are in process. All you have to do (or anyone who has purchased the book) is send us an email at info(at)FiguresInMotion(dot)com and let us know where you purchased the book and we will send you the figures as they are available.

majellamom said...

Thanks Cathy! I passed your information on to a group that uses Connecting with History, which suggests your (really cool!) book for the beginning level students (k-3 grades).

Christine said...

That looks wonderful! Have fun! I love how much stuff you have.

Whimsy said...

I agree with Christine. What a delightful selection! And to have the time to do all that with the kids. . .