Friday, July 30, 2010

Quick Takes Friday- Fair Edition

Here is my very late in the day quick has been a long one at the county fair.

Hubby got the girls up at 6:30 this morning. After getting them all dressed up in their western wear, Eva and hubby took our bottle calf "Flower" to get shots (because some family members were giving their calves shots today) and into the fair. Eva showed Flower in the bucket calf class, with one little girl and her calf "Lucky" (who when asked what something cool about her calf was said "she's lucky to be alive...that's it.") and another little boy with another little calf. They were all very cute, and all got blue ribbons and a halter as a prize for showing. Here's a picture of Eva talking with the judge.

I entered 20 items in the foods category...a decorated cake, 2 pies, 2 unfrosted cake layers, 5 cookies, 1 quick bread, 1 yeast bread, 1 candy, 1 cookie tray and 6 canned goods. I got at least one blue ribbon, but no best of show this year. The girls entered some crafts and photos and the "decorate a vegetable" contest, but alas, the cucumber horse and cucumber princess did not place.

After a long day at the fairgrounds, I wasn't really relishing the idea of going to the outdoor community barbecue and talent show, so I talked most of the family into going to an air conditioned restaurant instead. Very good plan...way more relaxing than sitting on the grass in the heat and swatting mosquitoes.

I had to bake all my entries at MIL's house, because our oven door doesn't stay closed during cooking (it pops open, so doesn't hold in heat) and I really didn't want to hear what the judge would have to say about things I baked in MIL didn't start on any entries for foods until first thing this morning. She made dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls, which made it into fair, but she also made pie dough and pie filling, and then went to get out her pie plates...and remembered that all of them perished in a cabinet shelf collapse a few months no pies from her.

Tomorrow we have the fair parade in the morning, then have a tradition of eating lunch at hubby's great uncle's house (he lives on main street, so we have a good parade watching spot there...) and eating our pies leftover from food judging, but this year because MIL didn't make any pies, I am not sure we will really have enough to go around. That's okay, though, because other than pecan or cream pies, I really am not a fan (even though I bake several every year).

MIL bought the girls new western wear for the fair, of course (grandma will use any excuse to shop for them!) and they both have very cute new pink boots...not to mention several western shirts and cowgirl jeans. I think they make Eva look way too grown up!

Speaking of the new boots, both girls have sores on their legs from their boots rubbing all day today. I didn't even think about it, until they showed me at bedtime. A couple of princess Tiana bandaids did wonders for them...but we've decreed that no boots be worn tomorrow, since it may well be another full day at the fair.

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