Thursday, May 27, 2010

Small Successes

Well, I have been struggling this week with the ambition to do anything...other than obsess over what curriculum to buy to use next year with Eva. Last weekend hubby had Saturday off, so we borrowed a horse trailer and went to visit my mom, who just retired from teaching. We took off her hands a china hutch, a leather chair and ottoman, a tea chest, a wine fridge, a four drawer file cabinet, and a lot of miscellaneous stuff...of course that was a MAJOR success, but thought I'd add it in here.

On to the small successes (all from today, YEAH!)
I changed the girl's sheets. I have been meaning to get to them all week, but this morning I finally did it (I will admit it got done because Charlotte had a small accident in them...but it's still done!)

I loaded the dishwasher, took the trash to the burning barrel (which I hardly ever do), and packed up three books from paperback swap, got my registration form for the Rocky Mountain Catholic Home Educators Conference ready, and took them all to the mailbox, instead of waiting for hubby to get home and making him do it. (My old habits of having my own personal mailman are a bit hard to break, so I'm proud that I did it myself!)

I CLEANED OUT OUR WALK IN CLOSET!!!! Yeah! Okay, this one counts as a major success, too. We have this giant closet in our bedroom, and it just kinda got stuffed with a lot of miscellaneous stuff during our move, so I sorted through the heap of clothes from our vacation to Hawaii, found about 16 sizes of little girl swimsuits, our camera(yeah!), the disk drive for hubby's netbook, my mending pile, a giveaway pile, and about 6 suitcases in various stages of unpacking. I also found my summer clothes, and given the temperature in our house today, I don't think it was a moment too soon!

Bonus Success-
I cleaned our fairly disgusting toilet this morning, which is always a success. I've been trying to clean it weekly, but I'm pretty sure it had been at least two weeks. Today I opened my new flushable wipes from Method (I bought them at Target) and I think I am in love! Previously, I had been using Watkins flushable cleaning wipes, and they worked okay, but I usually needed to use 3 of them to clean the toilet. ONE Method wipe cleaned the WHOLE toilet (started at the top, and worked my way to the rim. They are very thick, and worked wonderfully. Now, I know that flushable wipes aren't necessarily that great for one's plumbing (or septic system, though they do say they are septic safe) but I am just loving them.

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Kelly said...

You've had loads of success! A major closet is definitely worthy of extra credit. Finding lost valuables is always nice.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Potty training success continues!