Friday, May 07, 2010

Quick Takes Friday

Charlotte has recently been going through the "I don't like you/that" phase. She mutters about not liking me if I won't let her have gummy snacks for breakfast, she yells it at her sister, at her toys, etc. The other night there was some sort of horrible dispute coming from the girl's room, and when I went in to find out the problem, Charlotte's explanation was "My monkey was in my snowman's face, and I don't like that!" (while crying of course...) It makes more sense if you know that my girls each have 4 buddies (stuffed animals) that they sleep with. I'm not really sure how we ended up with 4, but it does come in handy if one has been puked on and is in the washer...Anyway, Charlotte's buddies are: Monkey (a curious George doll that belonged to my brother when we were kids) Snowman (a stuffed snowman) Kitty (a periwinkle from Blue's Clues doll) and Turtle (I'm not really sure if it is supposed to be a turtle or a ladybug, but turtle it is...) Eva has Big Monkey and Little Monkey (both curious George dolls), Magenta (from Blue's Clues) and Puppy (a white stuffed dog with purple ears and heart shaped spots.) Apparently some nights, even the buddies can't get along.

After meeting our new baby Godson, the girls have decided that they are both hoping for a baby brother. Now, this wouldn't be quite as funny to me, but for the last several YEARS every time one of my Bible Study friends would have a baby (and that was pretty frequently...given that right now is the first time in the 4 years I've been involved that someone in the group is not least that I am aware of!) when the girls would see the new baby at church, without fail, the new mom would say to my girls "Do you want a baby brother or sister" after the girls admired the baby, to which they would both laugh and say "No!"

The girls and I went to a Girl Scout recruitment meeting last night. I didn't tell Eva what it was until we got there, because I just wasn't sure that the one poster that I saw at the post office was correct, or if anyone would show up...but there were a whole bunch of girls there. They had dinner, sopapillas, snow cones, jump ropes, hula hoops, stamps, friendship bracelet making, and made duct tape roses (the only thing Eva didn't do was the roses). It looks like there will finally be a younger girl scout troop in town, hopefully even a Daisies group. I went ahead and registered Eva, so hopefully I'll hear before too long!

Why, oh why can I never move to a house without a massive rhubarb patch??? Yesterday MIL came over with the strawberry plants we had bought (and then she bought some more because they were on clearance) and we went to plant them. Decided it would be way easier with a rototiller...found out MILs rototiller isn't working (after she hauled it over to my house!) dug it up by hand with hubby while BIL and FIL tried to fix the rototiller. Then we all had lunch and hubby helped me plant the 50 or so strawberry plants before he went back to work. Anyway, during this whole process, MIL helped me harvest some of my rhubarb...I have a huge pile on my counter. If I were feeling more ambitious, I'd go get the camera, probably have to change the batteries, find the cord to the computer, take a picture, upload it to the computer and post it here...unfortunately, I am not feeling that ambitious. So, since I didn't get to it yesterday, I REALLY need to clean, chop up and freeze all that rhubarb (except for enough for a rhubarb crisp for dessert tonight...yum!)

I am hosting my Bible Study group this coming Thursday, it's Mother's Day this Sunday...and I really, really, REALLY want to start painting my bedroom (okay, not start, just do the whole thing.) I don't know what hubby's reaction to this plan would be (I have a feeling it won't be good...) but I've been wanting to paint our room since we bought our first house, I've just never gotten around to it (and of course, this is house #3...) I have the paint, I just need to pull nails and screws, take down the ugly drapery rods, and move all the furniture around...which is probably about the worst part.

The trip for our Goddaughter's First Holy Communion and our Godson's baptism was great...but did make me wish that the state of Nebraska was significantly smaller. The girls had a great time with their second cousins, I had a great time hanging out, and it was awesome to be there for the First Communion and Baptism. I'm glad it all worked out and hubby's Uncle was willing to feed the cows for him.

It looks like we are about done with the stomach flu (YEAH!!!) Although hubby has been complaining about not feeling well. Even though he's kind of a whiny baby when he is sick...he at least is old enough to get to the bathroom and not throw up all over the house (unlike certain little girls who have moved steam cleaning up on my to do list!)

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Whimsy said...

We loved having you out!!

Funny that you had to replant strawberries but had a healthy patch of rhubarb. . .

Glad to hear the girls are feeling better --- and glad to see Godson made such an impressin on them!