Friday, May 14, 2010

Quick Takes Friday

How my week has gone: Saturday, started painting bedroom with help from MIL...ran out of paint. Went to Mass, then to the nearest Home Depot (to get more paint) and had supper out with hubby and kids. Sunday, found out early that FIL had taken MIL into the emergency room with an injured ankle. Went to MILs house to clean up and make a Mother's Day lunch for MIL (ironically, it was both daughters-in-law who did the cooking and cleaning...) spent the whole day there working on the house because MIL broke a bone in her foot, and needed to see an orthopedic surgeon to see if it needed surgery. Monday, finished painting bedroom by myself, did a bunch of loads of laundry and tried to get the house clean. Tuesday, drove MIL to orthopedic surgeon's office, did shopping for end of the year "picnic" for religious education classes (MIL is DRE). Wednesday, attempted to clean house more...removed tape and moved bedroom furniture...then went into town with MIL to help cook a roaster full of sloppy joes and another roaster full of beans, while packaging thank you gifts for catechists, setting up church basement and running the Bible story pictionary game. Thursday finally did get house clean, hosted my Bible study. Today, more laundry...very tired...

Got in the mail today: Math U See blocks off of CathSwap (it was supposed to be a full set, but is 9 or 10 blocks short...don't know if I should bother to tell the seller or not. I am sure it was an honest mistake.) Spanish language stuff off CathSwap (CD with booklet, card game, tape, and bilingual book) and a book from Paperbackswap that I've been looking forward to reading.

Next week is looking busy, too...Saturday night hubby's cousin is having her high school graduation party. Sunday is graduation. Monday is piano lessons. Tuesday the girls and I are taking MIL to her doctor's appointment in the city and hubby has a Knights of Columbus meeting in our old town. Wednesday seems free so far, thank goodness. Thursday is the first Girl Scouts meeting, followed by a parents meeting to decide on days and frequency of meetings.

When the Girl Scout's regional coordinator called to see if Eva could make it to a meeting on Thursday, it was kind of a funny conversation. She had Eva's registration form in front of her, and she told me that they would meet right after school got out. Now, on her registration form, it says she is homeschooled. So, I told her (a little sheepishly) that I did not know what time school got out. So, since she was sitting with the local Girl Scout leader, she was able to tell me that they get out at 3:22 (seriously...who comes up with a school release time of 3:22??) Then, the regional woman told me that there would be a parents meeting after the girls met, starting at 5 pm. She said that they would pick up the girls at school and walk them over to the meeting place. I asked her what time they would arrive at the meeting place, and she told me that I didn't need to be there until 5, and that they would pick up the girls at school. So, I'm pretty sure that she is thinking I must be an idiot because I have no idea what time my kid gets out of school, and don't seem to be getting the concept that they will pick up the girls at school and walk them to the meeting...and I'm coming to the realization that she hasn't yet noticed that under school I wrote "Homeschooled". So, I told her that I homeschool Eva, so I needed to know what time to drop her off at the meeting location, since she wouldn't be at school to pick up. So, I'll be dropping her off at 3:40 on Thursday and then finding something for Charlotte and I to do while we wait on the parents meeting.

The girls must be very tired from our crazy week. Charlotte slept 30 minutes past the required quiet time mark, and Eva is still asleep, and it's almost and hour past when she could come out. They've missed a lot of naps this week, and the only time I think they slept was on the day when we had to be out the door right after quiet time...and that day, neither one fell asleep until about 30 minutes before we had to leave.

We've exchanged e-mails now with our Austrian exchange student. She sent us several questions, which I had fun answering...the one that cracked me up had to do with whether Americans eat McDonalds and KFC every day (she said she knew it probably wasn't true, but it is what many Austrian kids think). I had no idea that KFC was that global...the McDonalds part didn't surprise me.

Next on our home improvement list is either: a cheap DIY remodel of our upstairs bathroom (we need to demo some tile, repaint, put in a shower surround and shower head, and replace an overhead light) OR clean out what I lovingly refer to as "the room of despair" (the upstairs bedroom with no window where we stored many of our possessions before we moved in the house that is now home to everything without a home such as my paperback swap books, furniture for the unfinished guest room, tacky drapes (& drapery rods and other 1960's items we have removed and/or replaced), filing cabinet covered with to be filed items, toys, canning supplies, and other things that have not surfaced since the move. Hubby is voting for the room of despair (not entirely because it would mostly involve me doing the work) and I am voting for the bathroom (because it is so very very ugly and I would like a normal shower). I think we may take a few days off before we get started on either of those projects, though.

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Whimsy said...

I doubt the missing blocks will hurt the math any. I am sorry to say that I've lost 3 orange ones, which is a pretty serious hit! But it hasn't dented the math comprehension any.