Thursday, April 29, 2010

Small Successes

My small successes this week:

I have not lost my mind or my temper with Charlotte being sick. She's thrown up twice, two nights in a row (first night on her bed, her wall, and the floor in two rooms...second night on her least it wasn't me!) Her temperature reached a high of 104.6 last night at about midnight. She's back down to 101 this morning...but I am really hoping she gets better really soon, as we are supposed to drive out to Iowa for our Godchildren's first communion and baptism this weekend.

I made 120 meatballs and a meatloaf this week, put 4 meals of meatballs in the freezer, served meatballs once and meatloaf once, and sent the leftover meatloaf home with MIL so that she could feed FIL who has been planting and spending most of his time in his tractor (when something is not broken down, that is!) I now have two lasagnas, two bags of taco meat and four bags of meatballs for those days when I just can't handle making a meal. My kitchen hasn't completely recovered yet...

I broke down and agreed to purchase a riding mower...since we no longer have a mower, and with 2.2 acres, it's too much to mow with a normal mower (and hubby got rid of his hand-me-down 20 year old mower before the move). My original plan was to borrow MIL's mower. Also, I used the new mower...which is the first time in my 30 years of life that I have EVER used a mower of any see, I was raised that mowing was a men's job (of course, I was also raised that laundry was a man's job, and my dad did mine in college until I got married, so no commentary on traditional gender roles!) Of course, farmers seem to think that women should do the mowing, at least occasionally (such as planting season, when you don't see them for 14 hours a day...and that's if you are lucky and they come home early...) Now, if I can just find the time to go out and mow for several hours, I might be able to get part of the yard that hubby wants mowed before we leave done.

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Farmer's City Wife said...

Sheesh! I know what you mean about #3! My farmer husband's 14-18 hour days have now begun, and I find myself doing a lot more yardwork and small home repairs. Ah well :).

Great week!!

Mary said...

Wonderful list! #2 really spoke to my once a month cooking heart. Awesome job!!
Love the blog! Can't wait to visit again soon.

Whimsy said...

1. I was thinking the same thing! The girls are really excited to see the Godsisters again!

You could pimp your mower and be really cool :-)

And you grew up in a world where men mowed and did laundry?? OK, Dwayne has been known to both, but all the time? That's a distant utopian dream :-)