Friday, April 30, 2010

Quick Takes Friday

The car is cleaned out, the bags are packed, the saxophone we are delivering is in the car. We have hotel rooms, maps to (almost) everywhere we will be going, and Charlotte seems to be doing a little better today.

Things I still need or want to do before we leave: reassemble car seats (had to wash the disgustingly sticky cover on Charlotte's!), unload and reload dishwasher, finish up Kindergarten with Eva (just testing on Math and Religion, and all her grades will be completed!), fold three loads of laundry, put away all laundry, make beds, drop off dog at MILs house and mooch lunch (so I don't have to dirty my kitchen), require a nap from the girls (since we'll get to our hotel tonight around midnight!), and possibly mow more of our yard. Then all I'll need to do is wait for hubby to get done with work, and then we can get going!

Moved up on the cleaning list (when we get home, of course!) steam cleaning the carpet in the girl's bedroom, the office end of the kitchen and the living room...all areas affected by Charlotte's current illness. I might as well do the carpet in the bathroom while I'm at it, and I'll definitely need to do a major cleaning of the toilet inside and out.

Because I am a dork (or at least, that is hubby's thought on the matter) I have set up a spreadsheet to track home school curricula that I am interested in looking at this summer at the regional Catholic homeschooling conference. I've decided on what we will be using for Phonics (because Eva loves Seton's phonics program), Science (because I found a great deal on the CathSwap yahoo group on a secular text suggested by Kolbe academy), P.E and homemaking (because I already bought the books!) I'm totally undecided on what to do for history/geography, spelling/English/handwriting, art and religion. I have a pretty good idea what I am going to do for math and Spanish.

In the adjusting to farm life department, I have figured out how to plan dinner (or supper, if I was a proper farm wife...since dinner is lunch here, and I just end up plain confused!) Here's my new rule: I will delay serving the evening meal until 7:30 if hubby is still working. At 7:30, the girls and I eat whether or not hubby is home. If hubby is home earlier, I will serve dinner earlier, but that's not been an issue the last few weeks. In fact, yesterday he told me at about 5:30 that he should be home by 6:30, so I planned dinner for about 7 (he's never home when he says he will be) so naturally, his dad needed some help with something, and the girls and I started eating at 7:30 without him.

We've had LeapFrog Math Circus out from netflix for over a week now...who knew the girls would like it so much!?! So, they are now watching it for the last time before we stick it back in the mail on our way out of town. I got Charlotte the LeapFrog Talking Letter Factory for Easter (because I make use of the DVD player to get Eva's schoolwork completed...Charlotte can choose a VeggieTales or other short and educational video after she is finished with her "class") I may have to look into getting more LeapFrog videos, because even though they make me want to poke my eyes out, they are very popular with the girls.

Speaking of things that make me want to poke my eyes out...I have a bunch of papers sitting on my desk that I really need to get done, and soon...but I'd rather poke my eyes out. I have a 401K and a PERA (Public Employee's Retirement Association) account that I left with my last (and only) career-type job (which I left in 2002...) Late last year, I opened up and IRA, and I need to get both the 401K and the PERA account transferred into it. I doubt the two have much more than $500 combined, and the sheer amount of paperwork to get them transferred makes me stabby. But, since the account addresses have to match, I either need to get it all taken care of before our PO Box in town comes due (because we don't plan on renewing it) OR, I'll have to change addresses with all three companies involved, then wait for the addresses to be the same again and THEN fill out all the papers...Maybe I should be working on that now, rather than complaining about it...but complaining is definitely more fun!

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