Friday, August 14, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

The Midwest Catholic Family Conference was awesome. I had such a great time this year, even with Charlotte being too young for the children's program. Lots of great speakers, and even more excitingly, I found out that Dr. Ray Gaurendi will be there next year (yeah!) So, I'm already planning on taking the girls next year. So, today, here are some conference pictures...first one of the girls this year, then a couple of the Tony Melendez concert (he asked for 6 or 7 people of any age to come up on stage and sing), then finally a picture of the girls at LAST year's conference, so that I can get teary eyed about how big they are getting...

Both myself and MIL had appointments up in the city this we were all over the metro area on Tuesday, and then found out shortly after getting back that SIL who lives in Denver is moving (needed to find a cheaper place to rent, and ended up deciding to get rid of her cats to open up more living options) so I think we are all going up on Sunday after church to help her move.

We'll be attending church in hubby's hometown this weekend to sell tickets for the Tony Melendez concert being held at our parish on August 29th. I think there should be quite a bit of interest, but the person in charge of all the tickets could only scrounge up 20 tickets for us to sell...if more people are interested, we'll have to take down names and if there are other tickets that come back from other parishes, then we'll be able to get them tickets. Ironically, it is looking like many people from our parish won't be able to get tickets. Some people have been saying that they'll just buy tickets at the door, but it looks like it will be a sell out before then!

Hubby and I bought tickets to begin with, but are thinking about giving ours away, since we just saw Tony Melendez at the conference in Wichita, and because we will be helping run the spaghetti supper ahead of time. Eva was so impressed with Tony Melendez, that I'm thinking we'll have MIL take the girls up to the concert on our tickets.

I recently ordered "The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh" off paperback had been on my wish list for about a year now, and I was very excited that it was even a hardback version. It came in the mail today...maybe with a little divine intervention. The person who sent it had wrapped it up in two priority mail envelopes, but sent it media mail (with stamps), there was no PVI label (the little printed thingy at the PO) which is required for all packages over 12 oz or something like that (it's a heavy book!), none of the stamps were canceled (until hubby canceled them for fun at work...) and we weren't charged postage due for the priority mail wrapping. Even more cool than the fact that it wasn't lost in the mail or that it didn't come with several dollars of postage due is the fact that it was a brand new book in wrapping! So, I'll be wrapping it in gift wrap to give Eva on her birthday!

Speaking of 30th is in three days...I don't know if I'm ready to turn 30 yet! I know I've been harassing hubby about being 30 and over for a long time now, and I'll no longer be able to starting Monday...then I'll have to wait until he turns 35, and point out that he is pushing 40...oh well!

My SIL (the one about to move) is also turning 30 soon...first week of September. MIL asked each of us individually what we would like to do for our birthdays...and we both answered with "can we just ignore that I'm turning 30?" MIL is not that easily persuaded, so we have been talking about different things...gambling wasn't too exciting, theatre would be okay, but I'm leaning towards spa day. So, I was bored and on the computer, so I thought I'd check out spa services and prices (I can't help but be cheap!), so I looked at Colorado spas, and then thought maybe I should look in the other I looked up Nebraska spas, and found one that has some good specials going on in Grand Island, NE...who knew there would even be a spa in Grand Island?

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