Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"It's the Post Office that's always having problems!"

Ok, first:

Isn't this exactly the argument that those who are opposed to the government running the health-care system (or even just part of it, a la the "public option" plan) use? I mean, I'm the first to point out that running the postal service is more complicated and difficult than most people imagine... but it's also not a matter of life and death, most of the time.

Secondly, speaking as a postal employee: thanks for the vote of confidence, man. That'll give morale a big shot in the arm; I just know it!

Update: Just a thought: I wonder how the two biggest unions for postal employees (the APWU and the NALC) - who both supported the Obama presidential run - feel about this. According to unionfacts.com, they each spent over $1.3 million on "political activities and lobbying."

Update 2: My boss received an e-mail today with a couple of articles on this comment. The one from The Wall Street Journal was especially good, but I can't find an online version yet. Ed O'Keefe of The Washington Post ends with this remark: "Still ... to have the president poke fun at your financial situation in his first public comments about your agency? Yeah, not good."

Update 3: OK, here's the link to The Wall Street Journal's online commentary mentioned above, if anyone is interested (under the subheading "ObamaCare Goes Postal"). And now, looking at all of these updates, I think I've officially started beating the proverbial dead horse! Moving on...

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Whimsy said...

I think I also read that Obama wants to find a way to tax overseas investments and accounts of Americans.

I believe this, along with Obama's gaffe, is what is called "biting the hand that feeds you."

May the Obama/Biden machine continue chugging out the gaffes!