Friday, January 30, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

We ordered another Spanish program yesterday...Eva will be done with the first Kindergarten Spanish program in two weeks...I'm still looking for the perfect one, so if anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it! So far we have (almost) finished Teach Them Spanish, and have ordered Flip Flop Spanish.

I finally made decent looking hot dog buns (they were a little crumbly, but I think this recipe has definite potential!) from these instructions.

MIL, SIL, the girls and I went to see Matthew Kelly speak this week. He was really good...I just wish I hadn't missed the first part of his talk because of a VERY poopy diaper...(Speaking of poopy diapers...I don't remember for the life of me how we potty trained Eva...any pointers and tips? We are hoping to transition before too long!) Back to Matthew Kelly...we got a bunch of his books (surprise, surprise!) including his DVD set and workbook. MIL and I are hoping that we will be able to get our Women of Grace group back together to work through his study. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe we'll get it together for Lent.

Since giving up diet soda and transitioning to coffee, I have discovered that it is necessary to buy those ginormous coffee containers...and for some reason, I find it a little disturbing to go through as much coffee and we are going through!

A week or two ago, we got our annual form letter from the church detailing our giving for the year for tax purposes. This week, we got a form letter from Father saying that a form letter was not enough to express his gratitude for our support of the, he apologized for the impersonality of a form letter with...another form letter!

The girls get to go stay with Grandma tonight and tomorrow, as I am heading up to a women's retreat with my SIL. Then hubby will pick them up tomorrow evening, and on Sunday, I'll be coming home from the retreat, and MIL and FIL will be leaving for their cruise to Mexico.

Okay, I'll fess up one of the items I was asking for prayers about now...This week I had my first appointment with a bariatric surgeon, and all is looking like it should work out. They see me as an excellent candidate for Adjustable Gastric Band surgery, and I fit our insurance company's specifications for qualifying. So, at this point, I am working on losing 20 lbs and trying to get my exercise up to 5-7 days per week. I'll have an appointment with the dietitian next month, and my psychological evaluation in March. I'm also waiting for the all clear on the insurance front, and have been told to be "very careful" in terms of not getting pregnant, because they (obviously!) will not do the surgery if I'm pregnant. The doc told me one story of a woman who was there on her surgery day, and had a pregnancy test come back positive...obviously, she wasn't able to have her really strict NFP rules, here we come!

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Christine said...

If you're picky about your coffee (like, you hate Folgers) and like to have really fresh, but reasonably priced stuff....

Look at I used them for over a year. I got on a regular order with them and saved 5% and it was delivered to my house every couple weeks. It was cheaper than the Safeway bulk coffee, and so much better.

However, if your budget needs are Folgers and that style, it may be a bit much.

I think we were paying less than $40 a month for the huge quantity we were drinking. We consume about a lb a week I think.

Sara said...

thanks for the link on the bun recipe. I think I'm going to try that! I hate most store bought buns . . . especially the fact that they always seem to be half again the size of the meat! If I can actually make short enough buns that taste like something worth eating . . . oh, yeah!

Christine said...

I love your new(?) banner. The girls are so beautiful and Charlotte's eyes are stunning in that photo. Also I'll be praying for you and the surgery and everything to fall into place.

Timothy said...

I saw your question on Spanish from a google search. Flip Flop should be helpful, I have used this in my own home, I can also recommend Spanish Champs from It includes music CDs and Videos, and soon a series of books. Also, narrated books by Ana Lomba are good to add to your library at home.