Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well, we are back from our short vacation/K of C meeting, we picked up our kiddos, and we are back into the swing of normal life (although I am still working on laundry from the weekend!)

Yesterday we took the day off school (I normally plan on Saturday or Sunday for the upcoming week) and one of the urgent matters that needed to be attended to was grocery shopping. We left the fridge in a very sad state (a couple of grapefruits, some margarine, a bunch of condiments, and a tiny little bit of milk that we didn't finish before we left). Our pantry was also looking a little empty as well...so I had $42 in my wallet, and intended to shop with that...well, I wasn't having a very good day yesterday, and by the time I got the items we needed (milk, eggs, bananas, etc) and a few of the specials (79 cent chicken, yogurt, cereal), I had pretty much lost track of my adding. When it was all totaled up, it came to over $57, and I just about cried as I handed over my coupons...I had even passed up a fairly decent deal for toilet paper (which I didn't remember to buy while we were away, but we still have a couple of rolls) because it was $6 or $7...the total came down to $52.40...I admitted defeat and handed over my debit card (silently cursing because we haven't even received our gas bill and I have to pay it out of this paycheck...)

I came home depressed...hubby's reaction was SO not helpful (something along the lines of "it's not that big of a deal!"), and a while later I added the transaction to Quicken. When I typed in our local grocery store's name into the "Payee" space, it popped up the last transaction amount to them, which it always does...but the amount was $52.40...I had to go over to the other account and make sure that I hadn't put the transaction in already in the wrong checking account, but sure enough, the last time I used a debit card at that store, my total was EXACTLY the same as it was yesterday...that was back in mid-December...I find it a little creepy...and I'm starting to wonder if I should just start budgeting $52.40 per week...

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Whimsy said...

I gave you something on my website. Hope it makes you feel a little better!