Friday, January 02, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday - Happy New Year edition

We had a crazy new year's eve party that included someone throwing up into her hair...

Okay, we had our in laws down, rang in the East Coast new year (10 pm here) and Charlotte is the one who threw up in her hair (we've all been sick with a coughing kind of crud).

I'm trying to remember and keep in mind that we are still in the Christmas season...I'm having a hard time though, and just feeling burnt out from all our Christmas travels.

My first ever e-bay sale has 36 minutes left, 6 watchers, and three bids. I am WAY too excited about the whole thing and feeling like a complete dork (it's not like I am selling anything vastly valuable, anyway!)

I think this is going to be my shortest quick takes ever...very to the point so far!

We are working towards making some pretty major decisions this year, and we would appreciate any prayers you can offer for us and our family.

That's it...I'm out of inspiration...and a few days ago I was thinking that I'd have too much stuff to write today! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful new year so far!

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Christine said...

We've been having the coughing crud too...for way too many weeks - it spoiled Christmas (at least sleeping for Christmas anyway) and has made us spend more time at home than I've wanted.

The ebay thing is really exciting. Good luck :) I've always wanted to try and sell something, but I always back out before I have hit set up.

And we'll definitely be praying for you. :)

Christine said...

from the other Christine.....

I was around a vomiting 4 y/o on NYE also; and also have the coughing crud, which is keeping me home today.