Thursday, October 25, 2007

Vacation planning...of sorts...

Well, one of the challenges of having a hubby who works 6 days a week (who likes to point out that it would be worse if he were farming with his family!) is that trips and vacations are few and far between. Hubby managed to get Monday off work (which is amazing with recent events at work including one woman out for a couple of weeks because of a brown recluse spider squash first ask questions later policy has been very much strengthened by this!) So, we can leave Saturday after work (hopefully 1 or 2 pm) and come back Monday night.

Originally the plan was to go see my mom, who just finished her last round of chemotherapy two weeks ago. However, both girls have come down with a cold (not serious for them, but VERY serious for my mom's compromised immune system) and my mom spent most of this week in the hospital with a staph infection. So, no trip to see grandma. We are trying to make the best of it though, but of course (as always) we are on a tight budget! So, I've been trying to priceline a hotel room for two nights, with no luck so far. So, hopefully we will be going to Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Denver, or Cheyenne, WY this weekend.

Also trying to find a few (very few!) fun things for the kids to do. We're all kind of hoping to get a Colorado Springs hotel so that we can go to "Boo at the Zoo" at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Eva LOVES the giraffes, and I think that Charlotte would enjoy feeding them, too.

I'm looking forward to finding some antique/thrift shops to go to, and checking out the specials at the big grocery stores (I'm such a dork!) and hubby is looking forward to relaxing a little bit. I think that I'll go do some shopping during naptime, and the kids and hubby can stay at the hotel and sleep/watch TV.

Well, better get back to priceline and see if I can do any better!

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