Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Decorations

Well, it is December 23rd, and hubby is at church serving up breakfast to all the brave souls who stayed to decorate for midnight Mass tomorrow. I brought the girls home because I am just not brave enough to let them wander free in the church with decorating going on. However, the fact that the church is getting decorated is making me think that maybe...just MAYBE...we ought to decorate our house!

Hubby pulled down the Christmas decorations he could find from the attic (a place I have never ventured, and never really intend to...) but he couldn't find the ornaments for the tree. The tree itself has been up since Thanksgiving (only because my parents sent us a new, prelit artificial tree as an early Christmas present...had it been in storage, I'm sure it would be going up today!). I am, however, proud to say that our Advent wreath (we've had it for a few years, so it had to come out of storage) has been out all of Advent, and our nativity scene (new this year) has been up for weeks.

The rest of the decorations, minus the ornaments are in our bedroom, which the girls keep going in to attempt to eat things off of our wreaths, etc. So, today when hubby gets home, he will be sent up into the attic one more time to attempt to find the ornaments (and put up some outgrown clothes and toys) and I hope to clean and decorate the house, and pack for our whirlwind trip to see my parents. We get to leave sometime after noon tomorrow, and have to be back in time for hubby to go to work at 7am on the 26th.

My mom is doing well, she had a very long named surgery on December 12th to deal with the scarring from her cancer, so she will be sore and unable to hold the kiddos, but I know she is looking forward to seeing them!

Oh yeah...I almost forgot, I have to wrap all our presents (minus the girls two, since I wrapped them immediately after I got them home so that they wouldn't find out what they are!

Merry Christmas!!!

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