Monday, September 17, 2007

My Republican Rant of the Day (well, Month, more likely!)

Okay, so this is actually a continuation of a rant I've been having for a few weeks now...but the first time I started on it, hubby called it my "Republican Rant of the Day" so that's how I think of it now (even though, incidentally I am not in any way affiliated with the Republican or any other political party.)

So, we recently found out that hubby's new co-worker is pregnant. Which I think is great! Babies are wonderful! It would probably be better for her, her daughter (incidentally named Charlie) and her baby if she and the kid's dad were married rather than just living together...but whatever...I'm still happy about the baby.

So, I was talking with hubby about the health insurance from his work (which is AWESOME, at least the plan that we have, in regards to maternity care) and he ended up talking a little bit with this co-worker about it, and telling her how happy we were with it, and the fact that we didn't have to pay a penny for Charlotte's delivery or my prenatal care compared to our old insurance with Eva where we paid out of pocket about $8000 the year she was born.

So, hubby was expecting a happy reaction, or at least relief that this pregnancy wouldn't be too difficult for her financially, etc. What I don't think either one of us expected was confusion that you'd have to PAY for medical care with insurance!

You see, with her first kid, she was on medicaid and didn't have to pay for anything, either. (Now, don't take this the wrong way...she is a lovely women and I like her very much...I also understand how in SOME cases medicaid is a very good system) She worked a retail job, and because she wasn't married to the baby's father she qualified for medicaid (she may have qualified if they were married, but if they were married he might feel as though he needed to be responsible for his family)

So, in the end, who really got to pay for all of her medical care...people like us! The year we had Eva we made about $24,000 gross. We paid out about $8,000 in medical bills...forget that 7.5% threshold the IRS requires to deduct medical expenses...about 1/3 of our GROSS income went to medical bills...

I don't even want to think how much more went to social welfare programs like Social Security and Medicare...

It just ticks me off to think that essentially the government is REWARDING stupid behavior!

Now, I would like to say that both hubby and I are happy that is coworker had enough ambition to get a better paying job with benefits...because all the hoops to jump through to apply for the job are pretty extreme...but I just get frustrated when I think of all of the people in similar situations to her that don't work as hard to become self-sufficient someday...


Anonymous said...

Your post gives us something to think about it.

I got your link from your post at Danielle Bean's site.

The question was raised in one of her recent threads of whether or not a couple should consider it a just reason to avoid a pregnancy if they could not provide medical care for the children they already have or knew that the government be providing it for the future child.

It was too hot of a subject to really address without moms who did receive government assitance feeling judged but your post anyway reminded me of that and it would be good to see and honest Catholic discussion on the issue.

majellamom said...

Yep, definately a hot topic!

I guess I don't see a problem with needing help with medical care, or whatever...I just don't think that the government should be who helps! It's the same thing with social security. Social security was a great idea and worked really well at first (when people were generally only on social security for a short period of time before they passed on). But, if you look at all sorts of government aid, it is encompassing more and more people, and letting their families off the hook.

People don't have to take care of elderly parents anymore, because the government that good for the parents or the children? Not necessarily!

The need for assistance is not a bad happens to everyone from time to time, but I feel that churches, charities and community organizations would do a much better job with cost effectiveness, etc. I think that there is probably more shame felt if you need help from the government than from your church, etc. At least, that's how I feel! (Incidentally, we were on WIC with Eva, mostly because so much of our monthly salary went to our portion of insurance, copays, and social security...and I was pretty well ashamed of it!)