Monday, May 07, 2007

Why Men Suck...

Okay, I guess more fairly, I should title this post "why the traditional distribution of labor within the family sucks!" As I sit here with my appliances all going (Thank the Lord for my appliances, or my mechanical slaves, as I call them!) I've been thinking about accomplishments. Do you ever get the feeling that you are always busy, but never actually accomplish anything? Take dishes, cooking and laundry, for instance...You wash all the dishes...then it is time to feed the family a meal, so you have to cook, when you are done cooking, you have more dishes to wash...then you have to cook another meal, ad nauseum! Same with get up in the morning, you get dressed, you get the kids dressed, you go about your routine of cooking and doing dishes, and at the end of the day, you get undressed and into PJs, then you have to wash the laundry...and as if clothing weren't enough, there are sheets and towels and blankets and burp cloths and diapers to wash, too!

A while back our washing machine was broken (right in the middle of potty training! Yikes!!!) and the repair guy couldn't get here for four days. I just let the laundry pile up (except for the load that was in the washer when it quit working...I took those up to my MILs house when we visited to rewash and dry...) and after it was fixed, I did a ton of loads of was almost like accomplishing something...In fact, I feel much more of a sense of accomplishment if I let my house become a pigsty and THEN clean it all up!

So, yesterday we did some work around the house. I cooked three meals, did dishes, did some laundry, played with the kiddos and used our Hoover Floormate on the tile floor in our kitchen. Today, I have more meals to cook, more dishes to do, more laundry to wash and dry and fold and put away, and of course, the kids to take care of. Yesterday, hubby worked on staining the cabinet doors for our kitchen and laundry room. Every door now has at least one side stained...and today, they are still stained!!! He also dug up a lilac bush in our front yard that was mostly dead...yes, a lot of hard work...but guess what he doesn't have to do again! (To be fair to hubby, his days at work are a lot like my days at home...he does the same things over and over again 6 days a week...)

Okay, enough whining (for now)...maybe I'll go try to accomplish something!


Anonymous said...

Proof this is not our final destination.


Dietrich said...

Your husband also has slaves called mail sorting machines, as well as an army of blue mail boxes which could all be repainted to look like R2D2.