Sunday, May 06, 2007

We celebrated Mother's Day a week early...

Mostly due to the fact that hubby has three cousins graduating from high school on Mother's Day. So, hubby and Eva went out this morning to get some supplies for our never ending cabinet project, and they got my present while they were out. I am very excited about it (which probably means that I am a massive dork!) because instead of being fifteen years out of date, technologically, we are now only about five! (I figure if you can find it in our town, it has to be at least five years behind the times!)

We have two stereos in our house (I use the term loosely, of course!) one in our bedroom which is the small one that I got in high school with one tape deck, a CD player, and a AM/FM radio. All parts still function (except the tape deck can be a little finicky at times. Our other stereo was hubby's from high school. It is an old school boombox! Detachable speakers, CD player, dual tape deck with high speed dubbing, AM/FM radio with the capability to program radio stations...the problem is that the CD player on it doesn't work, and we live far enough out in the boonies to not have very good reception for any radio stations (we used to have Sirius Satalite Radio, but didn't use it enough for it to be worth it...)

Okay, total tangent here, but this is too cute not to tell...I went outside to tell the family that supper is almost ready, and Eva is singing "Father Abraham" to an earthworm her daddy found for her...Back to the original post...

So, obviously they got me a new stereo...and this one doesn't take up half my bookshelf! It only takes up one shelf. It has a CD player, AM/FM radio (no programable features, but we don't really need it, and best of all, I can hook my IPod up to it and we can all listen!

Hubby claimed the old boombox for the garage, but at least it is no longer in the house! Besides, all he wants out there is something that can pick up AM radio for sporting events while he is working out there!

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