Saturday, May 12, 2007

Movies are a wonderful thing...

So, last night I was just at wits end. You see, we had made a family trip to Colorado Springs (which is quite long enough of a drive, thank you very much) because hubby ended up having training in a small town near there (they had moved the one that was closer, but the phone service was out in our town because someone had accidentally cut a fiberoptic cable south of town, and so they didn't get the call that it was that day rather than the next!) Anyhow, that kept us out past midnight after all was said and done on Wednesday. Thursday I had bible study in the evening, and we decided to watch our movie from netflix afterwards, so we were up late then...Friday, the girls went on a napping strike, so I got no rest then. So, last night I had hubby take the girls up to the theatre to watch "Firehouse Dog" (Eva LOVED it...she has a thing about dogs...) and I got to stay home and work on OUR scrapbook for a change. So, I got Eva coming home from the hospital through Eva's baptism...(okay, so it was only about 6 weeks of her life...but's an accomplishment when you are as behind as I am!)

Both kids are still free at the movie, so it wasn't even that expensive to get them out of my hair...I'm going to have to do that more often!

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