Friday, November 20, 2009

Quick Takes Friday - the countdown begins!

It's a really good thing hubby isn't the one who usually does quick takes. He came home last night (he and the girls got kicked out of the house for my bible study group) and told me that he only had to work for a couple of hours today, and asked if there was anywhere I wanted to go, or anything I wanted to do. Well, he left for work this morning, got there, realized it was Friday (he had been thinking it was Saturday) and thought that since he really hasn't worked the window in the morning in months, he would just change during his lunch break into his uniform. Well, about 20 minutes after he was supposed to be at work, he came crashing back into the house to change into his uniform, because his boss wanted him to work the window...go figure!

The countdown - 7 more days of work (8 if you count today) then hubby will be done!

Eva rode in a tractor with grandma last night...something that she has wholeheartedly refused to do up until now (I think she only agreed because it was with grandma instead of grandpa...but she says she'll even ride with grandpa sometime now!) and she had a great time. Once we can convince that chicken of a kid to do something, she usually ends up having a great time. Like when the last day of swim lessons they were allowed to go down the water slides...Eva would NOT do it, until I threatened and bribed and her favorite swim teacher said he would take her down...then she wanted to go again and again.

Charlotte goes to a coop preschool once a week, and this week when I went to pick her up, the mom in charge told me that there had been a bit of a catastrophe. So, I'm having visions of Charlotte smashing something really expensive (since I could see her happily playing when I was told this...) Turns out the little stinker gave herself a haircut while my friend was working with one of the other kids. Sadly, I didn't think that warranted the word "catastrophe" since it wasn't her first time cutting her own hair, and I doubt very highly it will be her last. Fortunately, it isn't very obvious where she cut it, so I didn't even have to give her a cut to repair it.

I'm getting quite a stash to wrap for Christmas! Unfortunately, I moved my wrapping paper organizer to my MIL's I'll have to brave it down there next time we visit and bring my big canvas bags of gifts along. I'm trying to decide whether I am done shopping for the girls or not. I always swore I would never go overboard like my mom always did at Christmas...well, let's just say I never will be able to go that overboard while we live on one income, but there is a joy in buying gifts for your kids that I didn't particularly anticipate.

Okay...speaking of that not going overboard item above...I have to admit, I was looking around online for something for the family that I wanted to get, but didn't really know if it was a good idea (a little bit pricey...) and I just took the plunge, and so an excessive Christmas will now officially happen (not that the whole Hawaiian vacation from my parents didn't already make it an excessive Christmas, or anything...)

Here's hoping to a lack of buyer's remorse...

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