Saturday, November 14, 2009

House showing today...

We are having a house showing today, and I am so nervous I feel like I am going to throw up. I think I'll probably feel this stressed out every time someone looks at the house until it sells.

There are many advantages to living in a rural area, but selling real estate is not one of mom really doesn't seem to understand this. She keeps telling me that she always knew someone was very interested when she kept seeing the same card from a realtor on her countertop after a showing. Of course, when you live in a town with two (maybe 3) realty businesses, they don't do silly things like leave business cards...besides, I think my mom keeps thinking that our house should be having showings all the time...but when the whole town is about 2000 people, that's not a lot of population to come see the house.

So, please pray for us today (and whenever you think of us!) that we get a reasonable offer on the house soon!

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