Friday, June 19, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

Eva finished up her swim lessons yesterday. She will be repeating level 1 again next year, as she is still a little scared of the water. After bribing and threatening, however, she did go down the big water slide with her teacher...not just once but 3 or 4 times! Of course, since I tend to be a bad mom, I didn't have my camera with me...oh well!

I think I can officially say that I have zero children in diapers! YEAH!!! Since Charlotte is my stubborn "pick your battles" kid, the only battle I've been really fighting this week has been potty training. She is even making it through the night dry most of the time!

Charlotte has been throwing a lot of fits recently...I'm not really sure if she is having the same number of fits, but it seems worse since I am counting down to our kid-free vacation, or if she really is throwing significantly more fits. Yesterday, I wouldn't let her have hand sanitizer (she had gone potty and we had washed our hands with soap, but she wanted the hand sanitizer, too...) she threw a horrible screaming fit. So, I called my MIL during it, and when she picked up the phone, she thought that Charlotte had been scalded with boiling water at the very least...nope, just couldn't have the hand sanitizer!

Tuesday I had an adjustment and MIL had a doctor's appointment. So, my day went like this: run errands on the way to the library, take Eva to her summer reading program, leave Eva and hubby there, take Charlotte to go run more errands, count collection at church, meet hubby and Eva at swimming pool for Eva's swim lesson, get Eva changed, drive home, clean out car, and get into MILs car when she and our new SIL got there, drive to the city, drop me off at my appointment, drive MIL to hers, SIL dropped off hubby and the girls at the mall (originally to play at the play area for a while, but somehow that turn into hubby taking the girls to see Up! in 3-D without me...), SIL picked me up, we went shopping, then picked up MIL, then shopped some more, then picked up hubby and kids, then one more shopping stop, then dinner then headed home...

For my shopping trip, there were several things I needed for our trip to Vegas and then Colorado Springs. First stop was ARC thrift store, where I hoped at the very least to find a blue blazer for hubby, and a Hawaiian shirt or dress for Eva. Not only did I find those two items, but I also found a pair of Capri pants for me, and a white dress shirt for hubby (his old one is stained, and I couldn't get the stain out...) So, I spent under $25 for 5 items there...of course, it just went up from there, since everything else I bought was new.

I'm mostly packed for our trip, just a few things that need to be laundered then packed. We just have today (and I promised the girls we would do something fun, so hopefully hubby's schedule is one where we can go to the pool or something) and then tomorrow. Tomorrow is the family reunion, which is why Eva needed a Hawaiian style dress...the theme is a luau, and hubby has 4 Hawaiian shirts (all courtesy of my mother...) Charlotte has a fish dress that my parents brought back from Hawaii when Eva was Charlotte's size, and I have a sarong to wear, so Eva needed something festive (at a thrift store price, of course!) We'll be leaving the reunion in the evening so hubby can read at Mass, then the girls and the dog are going home with MIL, and we will finish up the cleaning and the packing.

I've been thinking about this a lot recently. Growing up, I flew somewhere at least once a year (part of that has to do with my family being spread across the country), and in the time I have been married, I have traveled on planes 5 times in 10 years...and 4 of those times were in the first 3 years of being married. I haven't been on a plane since I was 7 months pregnant with Eva. I'm pretty excited to go, but since I haven't really dealt with much of the TSA stuff, it is a little stressful packing...particularly since we are just carrying on our luggage. I've been researching what is allowed and what is not allowed, and it turns out that hubby needs to take his Dr. Scholl's gel inserts out of his shoes before we head to the airport, because they are not allowed to be carried on the plane...

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This Heavenly Life said...

3- Good luck here. The good news is that this is supposed to be a normal phase of childhood. The bad news is that it's not any easier knowing that!

4- The logistics required to plan that day would have made me bust a vein! Whew!

Elizzabelly said...

Ha ha ha ha! Just checked out your blog for the first time, and love the scalding water comment.