Friday, June 12, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

Well, I am late with this edition because first, I forgot it was Friday (it's hard to keep track of any day but Sunday for me...) and second, because we took the girls to the pool. I didn't take the camera to the pool, but I did get a cute shot of them in their swimsuits once we got home. Now it is nap time YEAH!!!

Eva is in swimming lessons right now. Level 1 - basically how to not be afraid of the water (in Eva's case) or how to fear the water (in the case of one little girl who was removed from the class by the teachers on Wednesday, and was much better behaved on Thursday). She has one more week of class, Monday to Thursday.

Charlotte was supposed to be in a parent tot class next week, but it got cancelled because the pool was double booked...then I found out why...the city run daycare is using the pool. I get SO sick of preferential treatment for the city daycare everywhere in this town...story time at the library, the pool, etc. It's just annoying to me.

The summer reading program is going on right now, and Eva is participating for her third year (she couldn't do the end of the program swim party the first year, because you have to be 3, but they let her participate in the rest of the stuff since her birthday is at the end of August.) and Charlotte still has to wait one more year (and she is NOT happy about that!) The 3-5 year old group has 63 participants, so it is being split into two groups, the 3 year olds, and the 4-5 year olds. I've been getting Eva audio books to listen to during nap time, and she has been mostly enjoying the "Hank the Cow Dog" books suggested to me.

We've just been a little crazy around here recently. My little BIL decided on the way back from his honeymoon that he and his new bride would move two days later...I had a doctor's appointment (down just over 30 lbs!) and somehow MIL and I got suckered into helping them move too (not that I mind, but it was another hour drive up, then packing, driving, etc. while on a clear liquid diet...I didn't make it on that diet all day like I was supposed to!) Hubby had the day off, so it was FIL and hubby driving up in a pickup with large, mostly clean cattle trailer in the rain, BIL with his pickup and horse trailer packed, new SIL with her car packed (including their two cats), MIL, me and the girls with the rest of her SUV packed full of stuff. SIL went back up this week to clean and pack up the last few things.

NINE DAYS TO GO until our Vegas vacation! YEAH!!!

In those nine days, we have a housewarming BBQ, four days of swim lessons, 1 day with summer reading program, a trip up to the city for MILs infusion, a K of C meeting, and a family reunion...oh yeah, and all the normal cooking, cleaning laundry, plus trying to pack two carry on bags with everything we need for Vegas, and another suitcase for the things we'll need for the K of C meeting after Vegas, plus shopping for a few pieces of clothing that we need for above trips, plus potty training Charlotte (it's going well so far, YEAH!!!) PLUS figuring out how to pack all of our bags for our vacation and a large icon that we are supposed to take with us to the meeting and deciding whether we need to find somewhere to store the icon while our car is parked at the airport for several days...I'm getting tired already!

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